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Artificial Condition (The Murderbot Diaries, #2)
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Rachel (Kalanadi) (kalanadi) | 66 comments Who's ready for some Murderbot?! I know I need more of our favorite grumpy socially anxious SecUnit. Artificial Condition is the second novella in the series and is one of our Short Work nominees this year.

I'm going to leave this open to discussion of the previous novella All Systems Red as well, if people are reading it this month to catch up. I am personally planning on re-reading all four novellas this month because... I can :-) Haha! But please remember to hide spoilers or any specific details with spoiler tags.

Shelby M. (Read and Find Out) (shelby-m-read-and-find-out) | 51 comments This has been my favorite Murderbot novella! Granted, I haven't read Exit Strategy yet (starting it today actually). Excited to see what people think as they're reading it!

Agnes | 22 comments I just finished reading it, and it's made my favourites list! As much as I loved the first part of the series, this one is even better, in my opinion!
More discussion later, I'm still on a high from reading this book, and I might end up putting five or more exclamation marks somewhere... wouldn't want anyone to think I'm going insane :D

Lisa | 12 comments I liked All Systems Red but found this one quite... meh. I like Murderbot and the new AI was a bit cute but I didn’t care much for the rest (in fact, I can hardly remember what happened and it’s not that long ago I read it). So I haven’t continued the series, I probably will eventually but it’s not a high priority.

Matt Carl (pressenter) | 55 comments I loved all the Murderbot novellas. Martha Wells has a blank check as far as I’m concerned.

Lucinda  | 16 comments I had to read All Systems Red first, but that just made me super excited to read Artificial Condition. I love Murderbot so much.

Stephanie | 46 comments I liked this one even better than All Systems Red. Unlike Murderbot, I found ART being part of the robo team delightful. :)

LeeNichole | 6 comments Mod
I really enjoyed this one, although I think I liked All Systems Res slightly more. It was really fun to get to know Murderbot in all their social awkwardness. I loved the entire concept.

Elise Lost But Found (eliselostbutfound) | 23 comments I adore all things Murderbot! If I had to be critical I think I felt the second was the one I enjoyed least. I felt it was a little more disjointed. The first time I read it I was a little confused about the plot at first too - but I loved ART so much and still gave it 5 stars!

To all you still reading - they keep getting better!!!

Rachel (Kalanadi) (kalanadi) | 66 comments I reread both All Systems Red and Artificial Condition over the weekend... the first one keeps getting better and better for me (this was my 3rd read of it). A lot of the human characters like Mensah and Ratthi don't appear that much throughout the whole series, but I am so attached to them from just their appearances in All Systems Red.

(view spoiler)

I understood what Murderbot was trying to do much better in Artificial Condition now that I've reread it. (view spoiler)

I want ART to come back in the next Murderbot novel. In fact, I would like a whole series about their adventures together!!

Shannon (That's So Poe) (thatssopoe) | 12 comments ART and Murderbot have such a cute friendship. My husband and I were discussing our favorite friendships in books the other day, and this came up as one of our favorites. I sincerely hope ART comes back in future books!

Kristina (kristina3880) I loved All Systems Red and was eager to read Artificial Condition. I liked the first book just slightly more because it felt more complete. The second book felt like a set up for the third installment (which I plan to read soon). I adored ART.!!What a fun character/ sidekick.

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