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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Childrens book/series (approx 8-13) About a girl who wants to go to stage school and become famous. She is poor and changes her last name from Love to L'Amour.

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Kelsey  (ahroa_mana) | 1 comments This book/series was for children possibly aged 8-13. It was about this teenaged girl who wanted to get into stage school and become famous. When she gets into stage school she changes her last name from Love to L'Amour because she thinks it sounds better. She is also poor and so I believe her and her mum work as cleaners to help pay for stage school. She also has a nemesis who goes to the same school, is rich and doesn't like her.
I have been trying to remember and find the title of the series for days now and so I am hoping someone from the fabulous community can help me! Thank you x

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