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There's Someone Inside Your House
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Looking for a murder mystery I read a couple months ago where a bunch of teens are killed by this guy, and he liked to mess around with them by moving furniture before killing them. [s]

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Theanh Nguyen | 2 comments So the book starts off as one of the victims' pov, and she's on like a phone call with her friend, who I think was named Brooke? Not 100% sure on any of these names, though. They were talking about theater and this guy named Jonathan, who was partners with Brooke and he could sing well but couldn't do duets and she got really frustrated with him. The phone call had a really bad connection and they really stressed that, so they hung up. She was uneasy because this egg thing was moving to places she knew she didn't put it and decided to go to sleep, but woke up midway to be killed. Then the pov switches over to this girl whos name I'm think started with M. She likes this guy who's a big outcast, and I think he had purple hair or something. She had two best friends. And then more people start getting killed, and they're always messed with before hand. the murderer(his name was danny or daniel I think) would like to mess with their internal body parts after he killed them too. I remember he like disected this girl and wrote some sort of message with her insides. Another one of the murders I rememebr is this guy named Kyle. Danny was friends with Kyle, and Kyle was home. Furniture was being moved around the house and Kyle was really uneasy, and then Danny snuck up on him and killed him. After that Danny sat down and played on his playstation for four hours before leaving. I remember at the very end Danny attacks the protag's aunt, but fails and the protag glimpses him, recognizing him as Danny. He was caught Halloween night where everyone was dressed up in this maze and he was inside trying to kill people. The protag and her friends tried to warn people but they thought it was part of the act, and then danny attacked and he was either killed by the protag or arrested by the police, not sure. But before that happened he managed to slit one of the protag's friend's throat and she died. Her name started with A I think. That's pretty much all I remember.
Sorry this post was really messy, if anyone can help me I would be super grateful

Jaclyn Hogan | 29 comments I'm almost sure this is There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins.

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Theanh Nguyen | 2 comments yess, thank you so much

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Kris | 29491 comments Mod
Glad you found your book, Theanh. Here's the link for Jaclyn's find - There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins.

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