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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Historical Fiction about a composer or a pianist from Switzerland set before WWI or wwii Love story

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Erika Pedersen | 2 comments Young man leaves his family in Switzerland to persue his music career in Europe. Set before wwii or wwi. The family is writing him because they are nervous for him. I think it turns into a love story. The cover is blue with yellow sheet music on it and on the back. It was on the Too Good To Miss Display at the Madison Public Library in WI. Checked it out last month.

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Erika Pedersen | 2 comments It may not be complete fiction... the second chapter was told from a second point of view. The mother writes to the composer to stay in France and not return home because Germany is too dangerous... Perhaps he was not from Switzerland... since one wouldn't have to go through Germany to come home from France...I am sure it was a famous book. Definitly WWII.. Sorry for the bump.

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The library probably keeps a record of recent books you checked out. Can you go online and check your record?

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