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UNSOLVED: One specific book > (Sci-fi / Space Opera) Long forgotten book about a ragtag group of fallible Heroes found at a space station's bar.

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message 1: by Tommyboy8972 (new)

Tommyboy8972 | 3 comments This is a sci-fi/ space opera book that I probably read around the year 2000, no later than 2007. I believe the cover of the book had a space station on it.

From what I recall, the book starts off at a space station bar where someone is looking to put together a group of "Heroes" for a mission. The heroes all have different specialties and lore surrounding them and I don't feel like they know each other. If they do it's by reputation. Like they're either renowned thieves, adventurers, anti-heroes or war heroes that have always lived a life of danger. You kind of get the sense that they're larger than life. Later in the book, you realize just how vulnerable they are.

The one scene that I remember is when a group of them get into a dropship to go conduct their mission and lower the ramp in the face of incoming fire. Probably small arms fire from ground fighters. When the ramp lowers, one of the heroes that the book spent time building up immediately gets shot and killed. I got the impression that the other heroes didn't much care. It was more of a shock to the reader because you realize these characters are just as vulnerable as anyone else.

They continue on to rescue someone and I feel like one of the characters had superpowers because I still have the feeling they were unkillable.

message 2: by Kris (new)

Kris | 34451 comments Mod
Tommyboy8972, are all the heroes human?

Can you tell us more about the mission (e.g., legal vs. illegal, for profit, heist, political, rescue, fight aliens)?

message 3: by Tommyboy8972 (new)

Tommyboy8972 | 3 comments Yes. I believe it was a rescue mission for someone else. However I dont remember the details of the mission itself.

message 4: by Aerulan (new)

Aerulan | 1199 comments I kinda doubt it's it, because a lot of what you describe doesn't match what I remember.... but Game of Universe has a few similar points. I think. It's been a really long time since I read it, I'm just gonna throw it out there in case.

But I think there was a scene where one of the characters who was played up as being a big time hero dies abruptly near the beginning of their endeavors and the main character was not particularly bothered by it.

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