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message 1: by Matt (new)

Matt | 117 comments Mod
A Graphic Novel or Series about a character or characters in a workplace setting.

message 2: by 47Time (new)

47Time No idea here. I'm only getting Dilbert and that's used for another prompt. Please share if you have anything.

message 3: by Matt (new)

Matt | 117 comments Mod
I have to think on a few for western comics (I know there are some, I am very much blanking at the moment) but I have a few suggestions for manga:

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka, Vol. 1 - Delinquent who becomes a teacher

Planetes, Volume 1 - Space Garbage-Men.

The Devil is a Part-Timer Manga, Vol. 1 - Devil works at McDonalds.

And these are a few 'on the job' choices as well:

Judge Dredd, Vol. 1

Paper Girls, Vol. 1

Star Wars: Thrawn

Hellboy, Vol. 1: Seed of Destruction

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