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message 1: by Matt (new)

Matt | 117 comments Mod
Graphic Novel or Series in which you are told the ending of the story first, and then read about how the story got there.

message 2: by 47Time (new)

47Time | 51 comments This prompt is pretty cool, but finding a comic for it is a no-go so far. Help would be appreciated.

message 3: by Matt (last edited Dec 31, 2018 07:45AM) (new)

message 4: by 47Time (new)

47Time | 51 comments Thank you. I'll go with The Wake to finally complete my list. I hope to start tomorrow.

PS: I'm glad to see that some of the friends I invited have joined as well. Good luck everyone!

message 5: by Matt (new)

Matt | 117 comments Mod
The Wake is really fun, especially if you're into sci-fi horror and/or fantasy. The first half has the same tone as John Carpenter's 'The Thing', while the second half is more 'Mad Max' meets 'Water World'.

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