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message 1: by Matt (new)

Matt | 117 comments Mod
Graphic Novel or series whose protagonist takes up a moniker or title from the previous holder (i.e. new robin, new batman, etc.).

message 2: by 47Time (new)

47Time | 51 comments This article should help
Complete Guide to Marvel’s Same-Name Superheroes

If you go through Wikipedia's lists of comics characters trying to find matches, you're basically screwed.

DC characters
Marvel characters

message 3: by Erin (new)

Erin (panelparty) I'll probably read one of the Hawkeyes or a new Spiderman!

message 4: by Matt (new)

Matt | 117 comments Mod
As a dyed-in-the-wool Bucky fan, my first suggestion is always Ed brubaker's Captain America: The Death of Captain America, Volume 1: The Death of the Dream run. Bucky's run as Cap was so good, but unfortunately truncated by Marvel's insistence on bringing Steve back during the Fear Itself crossover.

The run I'm currently eyeing is definitely Grant Morrison's Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn. I got into the Batman monthlies right at the start of the New 52, at which point they were just trying their best to dovetail the remains of the hanging plot lines in the line wide reboot (it never worked in my opinion, but at least they tried).

message 5: by 47Time (last edited Apr 07, 2019 02:53PM) (new)

47Time | 51 comments I read Batman, Volume 1: The Court of Owls for the Marathon prompt. The last few arcs feature someone else being Batman (view spoiler). If you're not intimidated by the sheer volume of that series, then it works. I should warn you that those arcs aren't as good as the ones before them.

Another good choice is Thor, Volume 1: The Goddess of Thunder. I had never read Thor comics before and this series got me into older Thor stuff too.

I also found Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond just now and will likely read it. It's a miniseries, so I don't risk wasting my time.

The Death of Captain America arc was an alternative when I build my list, but I'm leaving that 20-arc monster for later. Being a completionist, I feel the need to read the whole of Brubaker's run.

message 6: by 47Time (new)

47Time | 51 comments I'm keeping my challenge progress nice and fluid with another change for this prompt. Batman: Arkham Knight Genesis which I'm reading right now. It features the first days of a new Robin in the Arkham Knight Universe. It's pretty explosive in artwork and dialogue.

message 7: by Erin (new)

Erin (panelparty) I haven't been reading much this month, but getting back in the swing of things. I ended up using Black Hammer, Vol. 2: The Event for this one!

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