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Please, Please, Please (Friendship Ring, #2)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. middle grade school series, alternating perspectives. One of the protagonists was a ballerina, and another was her close friend. [s]

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Herve | 39 comments Hello, I am looking for a series of early chapter books read around 1995-2002. Each book in the series is narrated in first-person by a different student in a group of middle of high school friends, but there is a lot of crossover with the events happening in each book.

For example, there may be a scene where a boy and a girl have a romantic moment alone together, and that scene may play out in two different books in the series, but from their unique perspectives.

One of the protagonists was a ballerina, and another was her close friend. I think the friend had a name beginning with the letter A, and she may have had acne on her forehead. Several scenes discussed their different eating habits. There was a boy that they may both have had a crush on, and one of the books was in his perspective.

These were read as very short paperbacks, and the titles may have had their respective names in them. They were likely very recently published at time of reading. Thank you.

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Tab (tabbrown) | 4844 comments Do you remember the cover(s)?
Was the friend in any sports? Was the boy?
Location story takes place?

Herve | 39 comments The stories took place in the school and homes of the characters, likely in suburban USA or Canada. I believe that one publishing had renderings of the characters on the covers, surrounded by decorative borders. I do not know if they we're on an official sports team, but there was a scene in one or more of the books where the boy, along with various other boys, was playing baseball and one of the girls joined in.

Herve | 39 comments Bump!

Herve | 39 comments Bump.

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 4974 comments The series sounds similar to From the Files of Madison Finn.

Krista | 148 comments Sounds like the Friendship Ring series by Rachel Vail! Please, Please, Please is about a character who's a ballerina, and she and her friend Zoe both like the same boy.

Herve | 39 comments Yes, it's the Friendship Ring series!! Thank you! 😁

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