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message 1: by Cortney (new)

Cortney Sparks | 1 comments Hi! My name is Cortney Sparks and I am a avid reader and book hoarder! And I am interested in finding authors who need reviews done.
I love thrillers, suspense, mystery, crime, YA, and some romance! I've done reviews for Gregory Attaway and Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu. I get arcs from publishers and from goodreads giveaways and other contests! I do all my reviews on Facebook, Goodreads, Instagram, and Amazon! I unfortunately only do physical copies! Yes I know I'm old school and still love the feel and smell of books!
You can check out my Instagram for examples of my reviews. Ive only had it set up for a few months. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!
Thank you.
Cortney Sparks
Instagram @cortliz14
Goodreads Cortney Sparks

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary Elizabeth Hughes | 121 comments With a name like Cortney, I felt I had to contact you. You don't say whether you do this for fun or profit, but I'm going to tell you about "Imagining Violet" anyway. My MC is Violet Courtenaye - an elaborate spelling for sure, but it's real. It's historical fiction, created as a series of letters, from young Violet (16) to her family and friends as she deals with the adventures and challenges of pursuing her dream of becoming a concert violinist. It's 1891, however, and women are not welcome on the public concert stage. It's both a YA book and what I think of as a "book club" book as it's written as well as I could with a period language flavour. Imagining Violet

message 3: by Kiran (new)

Kiran Bhat (originalsin_0421) Hello Cortney,

I don't know if I write in your preferred genre, but I hope that you will consider my request all the same. I am Kiran Bhat. I am an Indian-American polyglot, traveler, and writer. I have traveled to over 130 countries, lived in 18 different places, and speak 12 languages. I try to use my lifestyle and perspective as a means to create globalised works of literature. I'm in the middle of a book tour, but have realized that I have done very little work to get reviews of my work onto the Internet; I am trying to fix this now. Would any of you guys be interested in reviewing my novel, we of the forsaken world...?

In a distant corner of the globe, a man journeys to the birthplace of his mother, a tourist town destroyed by an industrial spill. In a nameless remote tribe, the chief’s second son is born, creating a scramble for succession as their jungles are being destroyed by loggers. In one of the world’s sprawling metropolises, a homeless one-armed woman sets out to take revenge upon the men who trafficked her. And, in a small village of shanty shacks connected only by a mud-and- concrete road, a milkmaid watches the girls she calls friends destroy her reputation.

we of the forsaken world…, published by Iguana Books on January 22nd, 2020, is structured as a linguistic chain comprising the accounts of 16 people, connected along subtle lines, who indirectly witness these four narratively and geographically diverse central storylines. The story flows and recombines like digital connectivity, throwing into question pre-21st century assumptions about narrative logic and, I hope, embodying the way in which modern communication unites this planet every second, everywhere.

If you are interested in reading it, you can get a copy on amazon (, or I will happily send you a review copy if you pm me. Just let me know what works for you.

Best wishes,


message 4: by Matt (new)

Matt Gianni | 66 comments Hi Cortney,
Thanks for posting. I like your reviews. I'd be honored if you'd consider reviewing my debut dual timeline historical fiction / contemporary thriller LEVER TEMPLAR. The book blurb and book trailer are on my author site:

If you think you might enjoy this book, please let me know where I may mail a physical copy (I just sent you an email).
- Thanks, Matt Gianni

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