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Kenny Tyler | 12 comments Mod
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Boom | 6 comments Cool story but my only major complaint was the lack of freak-out. The dude's body was literally dissolved and replaced by an alien metal! And everybody was pretty much like 'Whoa. An alien. But how is this going to effect me?'

Kenny Tyler | 12 comments Mod
Yeah the lack of concern from everyone was a little off lol. Story was ok. It progressed a little slow during certain parts.

Kenny Tyler | 12 comments Mod
It wasn’t the best sci-fi I’ve read, but definitely not bad. I think this would be great in movie/TV medium. They could expand more on initial, or lack there of, freak out of first encounter and metal man.

+ Interesting take on first encounter scenario.
+ Huge fan of Ray Porter who did the narration.

- Lack of action and dramatic scenes.
- Predictable ending. It needed another third/fourth party dynamic to complicate the outcome.

message 5: by Ric (new)

Ric Lewis | 1 comments Finished the book.

Compelling plot, I liked the intrigue. Some interesting character development for Moore and Pritchett as they both go through significant power changes.

The wrap up was a bit too tidy. You'd think the uploads would already be heavily biased towards helping save bios. Still, fun way to discuss prisoners dillema and dabble in game theory.

Audio book performance was very good. Variety of voices, and limited but effective use of production effects.

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