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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Girl grows up isolated from the world, then goes on trial for the death of her mom. [s]

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message 1: by nate (new)

nate | 3 comments I read this book about three years ago and had found it at my high school's library which had a lot of very old and used books in it.
The plot of the story was about a girl who is on trial for the death of her mother and while being questioned about certain things regarding her mother and the girl's story, what actually happened is explained in present tense. The girl was never introduced to other people and lived her life in complete isolation from the outside world which seems to be fairly modern, with cars and phones. The mother was against religion but taught her daughter all she could about different religions because she thought something valuable could be learned from them. The mother dies extremely early in the book and it's explicitly said that she moved from another country because she was pregnant with the girl. It's later explained that the aunt of the girl believed the mother to be the next virgin mary or something? The book is filled with religion as two other main characters - the aunt and her daughter - actually live and work at a church. Most of the story takes place at the church since the girl decides to live with them after her mother dies. Somewhere in the story it is also stated or implied that the mother had been raped by her father which is why she moved. Apparently she never told her sister about it and this is why they thought she was the new virgin mary, I think? Another note, I also believe the main character's name or the female cousin's name to be Soban or Saiban, or something like that.


The girl ends up impregnated by her aunt's only son who is also dislexic. This comes about because her female cousin slips something in her drink to help her sleep easier because the girl had mentioned she wasn't feeling well. This results in the girl thinking she had a dream about sleeping with her cousin which turned out to be a drunken memory. Since the memory was hazy and weird, the girl thinks that her pregnancy was the result of rape, which her aunt firmly denies and then the aunt and female cousin then decide to believe that instead of the girl's mother being the new virgin mary, it is actually the girl. They end up making her a prisoner in the basement of the church and force her to have the baby. The girl ends up resigning herself to staying with her baby because the family won't let her take the baby away. The baby girl ends up being kidnapped by the male cousin and another girl who he'd also impregnated who had also been staying with the family until then because she'd been disowned for getting pregnant. Eventually the church burns down because the aunt, female cousin, and main character all smoke some plant and get high as a religious thing or something? Something catches fire while they're all high and the main character ends up being arrested for arson since she's the only survivor and her cousin and aunt die from either smoke inhalation or being burned alive, I can't remember which.


The girl is about to be found guilty and nobody can back up her story about being kidnapped since the male cousin has disappeared with the kids and the other girl, but the boy comes through because apparently he loves her so he returns with the kids and the other girl, having told her that he'd rebuke all the main character's claims, but he ends up backing her up instead and admitting to kidnapping the main character and then her daughter. I think there's an epilogue or maybe just a final chapter where the main character visits her male cousin in prison and she has her daughter with her.

message 2: by Rainbowheart (new)

Rainbowheart | 19035 comments Jay wrote: "Another note, I also believe the main character's name or the female cousin's name to be Soban or Saiban, or something like that."

Sounds like it could have been Siobhan.

Do you think it was definitely a YA book?

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nate | 3 comments Rainbowheart wrote: "Jay wrote: "Another note, I also believe the main character's name or the female cousin's name to be Soban or Saiban, or something like that."

Sounds like it could have been Siobhan.

Do you think..."

I'm actually not sure what genre this would fit under which is why I didn't mention it, as I'm really bad with that sort of thing..

As for the name you mentioned, it definitely looks and sounds familiar! I think that'll definitely help my search, so thank you!

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Ayshe | 4228 comments Madapple maybe?

message 5: by nate (new)

nate | 3 comments Ayshe wrote: "Madapple maybe?"

Yes! This is definitely it, thank you so much!!

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