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message 1: by anonymus (last edited May 08, 2019 06:00AM) (new)

anonymus invisible | 1 comments Briefly:
Do you know any other characters like Jack Reacher(except Travis McGee)?

Best hits so far(ordered by number of suggestions):
Randy Wayne White - Doc Ford, votes: 2 (Dave, Peggy)
Richard Stark - Parker series, votes: 1(Charles)
Jonathan Maberry - Joe Ledger, votes: 1(Kristie)
Robert B Parker - Hitch and Cole/Spenser, votes: 1(Joekellyjk47)
Douglas Preston - Pendergast, votes: 1(Peggy)
Vince Flynn - Mitch Rapp, votes: 1(Kristie)

Reacher is simplistic character, uses public transport, hitchhiking, follows practical rules NOT a super-trained-elite-sas-fbi-agent-blabla.

In detail:
Why we like Reacher's books because is more focused, how an everyday like hero lives his life following simple, practical rules, plain clothing, practical thinking, public transport, walking, no baggage WITHOUT a lot of macho "I'm ex special-forces, SAS, super-hero, ex-FBI agent with military and martial arts background and super-trained athelte.....etcetc..." style like many of the books in this genre(okay there are some exception also in Lee Child books but most of them don't have this touch).

Do you know other books/characters similar to Reacher in that regard. Simplistic, everyday type person NOT a super-special-forces-athlete-fbi-agent....

A good example would be Travis McGee from MacDonald(The Deep Blue Good-By. Any other examples you know about maybe?

(Disclaimer: I know the macho fbi-agent-super-athlete generalization is a bit subjective, some people may like that, so please don't be offended if I touched on some of your books toes :-s, that wasn't my intention. Thanks for your time and ideas.)
(Disclaimer 2: In case my question a duplicate, don't worry about it, sometimes we need a fresh start, I've been researching about this topic, but so far haven't found a good answer.)

message 2: by Kristie (new)

Kristie Ghioni | 14 comments I've been enjoying Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series, and I really like Jonathan Maberry's Joe Ledger books. I'd say Joe Ledger is most like Reacher, although it's a little futuristic. Still a fun read. And I am so sad that Dick Hill didn't narrate Lee's last Reacher book. I have them all in Audible as well as kindle.

message 3: by Charles (new)

Charles (newclarencegmailcom) | 4 comments I'm sure you've read the Parker series by Richard Stark (Donald Westlake). If not, check it our. They are decades old, but still the best. Of course, Parker operates on the other side of the law. I think the books are best described as criminal procedurals.

message 4: by Joekellyjk47 (new)

Joekellyjk47 | 1 comments The Robert B Parker novels come to mind. I just discovered the Hitch and Cole series. They're kind of a two-man Reacher, set in the old west. Very simple. Very readable.

Spenser has some of Reacher's qualities, but is not as primal in his existence.

I love reading Reacher novels and Parker gets about as close for me as anybody else.

message 5: by Dave (new)

Dave Berkers | 7 comments anonymus wrote: "Briefly:
Do you know any other characters like Jack Reacher(except Travis McGee)?

Reacher is simplistic character, uses public transport, hitchhiking, follows practical rules NOT a super-trained-e..."

I enjoy Randy Wayne White's 'Doc Ford' character. Set in Florida with a flawed hero. Worth a try.

message 6: by Peggy (new)

Peggy | 8 comments I love "Doc Ford" and his friend Tomlinson! Got hooked on these by listening to the first book "Sanibel Flats" narrated by Dick Hill. It's the best.

message 7: by Peggy (new)

Peggy | 8 comments I enjoy Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child's "Agent Pendergast" series. Similar to Reacher and Doc Ford but in an 'eerie' kind of way as Pendergast is an FBI agent with sort of extraordinary abilities and rogue methods of operation.

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