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Vanessa (thehispanicbookworm) | 305 comments Quick take
Five strangers are trapped in a blizzard with no way to escape. And, oh yeah—one of them is a psychopath.

Mandy | 4 comments My pick!

Jennifer Vogel | 6 comments I think this is going to be my pick too.

Ellie Zumbach (elliemzumbach) | 1 comments Finished this one in two days!! Slow beginning, but the ending was so worth it. I love it! 😊

Brandi (Brandi Unplugged) I started this the other day. Super slow read in the beginning. Hoping it picks up soon!

Mandy | 4 comments I finished this book in three sittings. I loved it!

Vanessa (thehispanicbookworm) | 305 comments I'm getting this in my January box as an add on. I keep hearing great things.

Meera | 32 comments I chose this too.

Kristin (kgansor) | 10 comments I finished this book in under 24 hours. I only put it down because i needed to get sleep, but picked it back up and finished it the next day. I really really enjoyed this and would recommend for anyone looking to put a past book in their next box!

Vanessa (thehispanicbookworm) | 305 comments Kristin wrote: "I finished this book in under 24 hours. I only put it down because i needed to get sleep, but picked it back up and finished it the next day. I really really enjoyed this and would recommend for an..."

I actually put this book in my January box! I'm looking forward to reading it.

Galileao | 1 comments *Spoiler*
Please do not read further unless you’ve read NO EXIT already.

Three immediate reflections/questions:

1) Flashlight-carrying Darby (with Ashley and Lars behind her) were tracking Jay’s footprints in the snow until suddenly the tracks in the snow disappeared. As if she vanished on the spot. I guess it’s safe to assume Jay successfully pulled off a Danny Torrence (from Stephen King’s THE SHINING) maneuver?

2) Since there is a coffee/snack shop that prepares hot beverages and food (as limited as it may be... still electrical heating instruments, capable of catching fire) I would think there would be a fire extinguisher on the premises of this public facility. In this story there wasn’t. But if there were, it could’ve added a new dimension to the resources available to Darby, Jay, Ed, and Sandi when they barricaded themselves from the Garver brothers. The brothers were already freezing and just imagine being blasted with a fire extinguisher. Instant paralysis of hypothermia and followed with a thrusting blast to the skull.

Anyway, the point is that I will always find myself looking to see if a fire extinguisher is on site to any small rest stop with coffee (or shall I say COFFE and COCO) I visit in the future. Just for my own curiosity since reading this book.

3) How many people felt a scrambled moment on the last page when Jay talks to Darby rolling up the paper in the tube from her mother’s grave? I had a starling moment that Darby did survive when I thought she died. Had to go back a page or two and verify. So unfortunately Darby is dead, to the very person who was supposed to rescue her. I hope Jay will have healthy conversations with a deceased soul and it won’t be an indication of a new crazy person to emerge from this traumatic event at a formative young age. Worth a minute or two to speculate.

Casey Vecchio | 3 comments SPOILERS AHEAD!

I just don't know how to feel about this book...

The non-stop action was INSANE! I just didn't stop. There were so many times when I thought "Oh this is it" and nope. It kept going.

Also, I am SO confused. Is Darby dead or not? I don't think she is. I think she survived. I have no idea how but then again, this book is insane and it was all pretty far fetched.

I recommend reading this book. It is VERY entertaining and could 100% be turned into a movie. I just don't know if I would call it a good book though.

Vanessa (thehispanicbookworm) | 305 comments I'm so confused. So I read the last few pages several times over. Darby is definitely dead and a figment of Jay's imagination...but why? What is Jay going to turn into?

I just hope this doesn't lead to the stereotypical trope of Jaybird turns into a detective because of her traumatic experience type series.

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