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Partials (Partials Sequence, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Robot Science Fiction; Government creates superhumans without emotions for the army, they develop emotions and overthrow human control, main human girl falls in love with superhuman named Sam. [s]

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Jessica (jessyj1122) | 19 comments I don't remember too much of this series, I think I read it around 5 years ago, in middle school. The plot starts out with your basic government creating superhumans who are faster, stronger, smarter etc. These superhumans also have the ability to emit emotion particles (that's the best way I can describe it) so that they don't reveal anything in their face. So they can sense the fear in the air without showing fear on their face.
The main character is a human girl who lives in a time period where the superhumans have overthrown the government and are in the middle of a coup d'etat. All superhumans are seen as enemies as should be killed on the spot. She is on a spy mission I think and there is a superhuman who is hurt, and she brings him back to her headquarters. The superhuman (male) says his name is Sam, but she only refers to him as "it" because humans are taught that the superhumans were built without emotions. Slowly, she calls it "he" and then "Sam" and she ends up falling in love with him, and he develops feelings for her as well.
Spoiler alert:
I may be mixing this up with another book, but I think in the end she finds out her father was one of the first producers of these superhumans. And he created a special set of superhumans who are able to feel emotions and empathize... and she is one of them. So she realizes she can sense the emotion particles that the normal superhumans emit and she is slightly stronger and faster than an average human. She was always smart, but now she knows it's because of her special DNA. There is some human group that wants to hunt all the superhumans down, but instead of killing them, they want to experiment on them. They want Sam, but the girl won't let them have him. There are a few fight scenes, and a huge fight near the very end in which Sam offers to give himself up so that the humans in the town can have peace, but the girl somehow defeats the human group.
I know that in the very end, she takes the rest of the people from her town/city on small boats across either a bay, or river, or ocean and she is determined to live her life with Sam no matter what other people say.

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Nora | 108 comments I think this is the Partials Sequence by Dan Wells - first book is here:

Jessica (jessyj1122) | 19 comments Oh yes! You're right. Thank you so much. I knew there was some special name for the superhumans, but I couldn't think of it. Mystery solved. :)

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