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James Morcan | 7837 comments Excerpt from The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy:

Brainwashing rumors:

The self-proclaimed mind control victims have gotten weirder and weirder in recent years. They include those who claim they have been Eyes Wide Shut-style sex slaves under mind control their entire lives.

A word of caution is needed when considering these recent and highly sensational mind control claims. Firstly, it must be taken into consideration that those who are mentally unstable can latch on to reported projects like MK-Ultra as a way of validating their existence or else attempting to circumnavigate their mental illness. Secondly, mind control reports in the 21st Century have become a lot more hazy. They should not be compared to the highly documented mind control projects of the 20th Century – like MK-Ultra.

That’s not to say some of these more recent reports are aren’t true. However, the problem is the whole mind control subject has now become entangled in celebrity worship and conspiracy theorists with hidden agendas.


The Internet and sites like YouTube are awash with conspiracy theories about one of MK-Ultra’s rumored, yet so far unproven, spin-off programs – Project Monarch. Conspiracy theorists say Monarch involves, among other things, the control of famous artists in Hollywood and in the music industry in particular. The apparent aim being to negatively influence the masses.

Celebrities mentioned in connection with Monarch include dead icons like Marilyn Monroe, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and even Elvis Presley. Living stars supposedly in the program include almost every major celebrity alive – to our eyes at least. Stars that conspiracy theorists mention time and again include Britney Spears, Tiger Woods, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Megan Fox, Nicki Minaj, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of names bandied around.

The key fact is Project Monarch’s existence is not verified by any declassified documents or any other official government materials for that matter. This is confirmed by Michael Barkun, a professor emeritus of political science at Syracuse University, who states in his 2003 book, A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America, that “scholarly and journalistic treatments of MK-ULTRA make no mention of a Project Monarch”.

Monarch is therefore far more speculative than MK-Ultra and other documented mind control programs. Frankly, Monarch tends to undermine those proven mind control projects.

You also have to factor in that small but vocal segment of society who are completely obsessed with celebrity and can never get enough stories about their favorite icons. Consider the countless conspiracies on Elvis let alone Michael Jackson, Princess Diana et al. Famous figures like these seem to attract conspiracy theories like moths to the flames. And certain fans of theirs – perhaps with sycophantic tendencies – seem programmed (no pun intended) to create or add to myths surrounding these celebrities.

Whenever celebrities die, the conspiracy theorists inevitably go into overdrive. All the speculation about the death of Fast and Furious star Paul Walker in late 2013 is possibly a good example of this disturbing phenomenon.

Although conspiracy theorists have arguably come up with some interesting circumstantial evidence on certain celebrities, it’s very possible Project Monarch is entirely fictitious. Or put another way, it could easily be a load of BS!

"Naylor, who had always lusted after the seventeenth-born orphan, had misused his powers and treated the blue-eyed blonde as his personal sex slave. He’d resorted to using the MK-Ultra voice-commands to induce her to do whatever he asked. No-one else was aware of this. Not even his victim. In the process, after years of abuse, Seventeen had finally cracked. In medical terms, she had suffered a mental breakdown; in truth, she’d become yet another victim of MK-Ultra, and of Naylor." –The Orphan Uprising

The Orphan Conspiracies 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy by James Morcan

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Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments You say, "Frankly, Monarch tends to undermine those proven mind control projects." Exactly! I propose that that is precisely the point of the grossly unbelievable crap that is out there. Paul Boncacci, survivor in The Franklin Cover-up, said he was used as a part of the Monarch project. Once a survivor brings anything into the open that threatens to expose the truth, intentionally unbelievable bologna is spewed to make this exposure just another unbelievable spouting of a nut. You are correct. There is no documented evidence for "The Monarch Project," but what "The Monarch Project" is said to be makes it exactly the logical extension of an MK-Ultra subproject, even the intended finale. The work of Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, is not just trash, it's intentionally trash, meant to confuse and cloud the issue, and insult any intelligent minds that might be out there.

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James Morcan | 7837 comments You are right, Mikhayla, that thinking logically Monarch would seem to fit the bill for a 21st Century extension of MK-Ultra. Like a super-MKULTRA.

However, the fact remains MK-Ultra is a proven fact and to my knowledge there's still no proof whatsoever that Monarch exists or ever existed.
That of course doesn't mean it doesn't exist - after all conspiracy theorists spoke of MK-Ultra for a decade or so before it was proven to exist.

So Monarch may be real, or it may not be.
For now there's no way of proving it, just like there's no way for the public to verify Cathy O'Brien's story.

However, a lot of people present Monarch in books and all over the internet as if it is already highly documented.

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Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments Most of those who do present Monarch as if it is already highly documented have a consistent agenda. They tend to be right-wing extremists warning about the New World Order. They use Monarch as an excuse to make the stated objective of the original Illuminati a reality, to dismantle the government and replace the leadership with their own corrupt agenda.

Not only is there no way for the public to verify Cathy O'Brien's story, but Cathy has done a good job of debunking her story herself. Her story is ridiculous fiction. Like all of the rest of the Illuminati conspiracy theorists, she is too easily debunked.

"Methinks the lady doth protest too much."

The evidence that Monarch exists is in the consistency of accounts of authentic survivors, but it is true, as you say, there is no way to verify it. It's the, "but how do you investigate your boss?", syndrome.

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James Morcan | 7837 comments Good points, Mikhayla

And yes, I agree there are hidden agendas behind many conspiracy theorists. So it's a real tricky subject to explore as sometimes you don't realize you're being manipulated when you buy in to certain theories.

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Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments Exactly, and extreme abuse is such an emotionally charged subject it is easy to get caught up in the morality of it without carefully considering the consequences if the facts are wrong, or even reversed.

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Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments Sterling, what is your opinion regarding "TRANCE Formation"? Do you believe that all of the Presidents, Senators, Representatives, and Nashville artists Cathy accuses are sadistic pedophiles and cocaine dealers? And if so, why?

Sterling Gate Books (sterlinggatebooks) | 21 comments Am on the fence and unsure, Mikhayla.
As you say, it is impossible to verify, that's for sure. But just as it cannot be proven, it cannot be disproven either, so who is to say...

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James Morcan | 7837 comments It is true that ritual abuse victims have spoken at select committees and congressional hearings and some have mentioned Project Monarch.

But the fact still remains, Monarch has not been proven to exist by any declassified documents - there is no smoking gun like there is for Mk-Ultra. Sometimes also, keep in mind real ritual abuse and incest victims have been told by others "you are a Monarch victim" and so use the term Monarch when in fact they actually don't know what the real name is behind the organization or group or individuals that caused the abuse they endured.

So again, Monarch is sometimes being used in a broad sense (a bit like how some people use the term Illuminati), but certainly there are no declassified CIA files (as yet) that have ever mentioned a Project Monarch. Not to say it may not exist, afterall MK-Ultra was mentioned by mind control victims for many years before The Church Committee and Ted Kennedy got CIA documents declassified in 1975 that mentioned the program by name. But it needed to be acknowledged in our book that Monarch certainly ain't proven just yet like MK-Ultra is - otherwise we'd be misleading readers. Acknowledging this fact does not disrespect or downplay real ritual abuse victims.

In relation to all the accounts of organized abuse on children, our thriller series (The Orphan Trilogy) is all about young children being abused in this way (not sexually, but mentally and emotionally) and is inspired by these real accounts. This stuff is happening and the only fine print conflict between various conspiracy researchers and myself is I still think it's yet to be proven who is behind it all - is it the CIA as some say by mentioning the CIA's Monarch, or is it ancient bloodline groups as the likes of David Icke (who I don't tend to agree with) say, or is it Satanic groups as others say?

Beyond those who have had REAL crimes committed against them, also consider those who are claiming all sorts of things online and are simply deluded or are attention-seeking or so mentally ill that they've never been victimized by anyone but think they have...Or else some have had regular incest or sex crimes committed against them (i.e. crimes that have existed forever and long before secret societies and mind control) and because they have accepted various crackpot theories they automatically assume they are Monarch victims.

So maybe the best way to get to the bottom of all those coming forward with ritual abuse claims is to treat the issue with compassion and sensitivity (as it is a very emotionally charged subject as Mikhayla pointed out), while also retaining some healthy skepticism like I think most of us in this group are regarding Cathy O'Brien's controversial and extreme claims in her book Trance Formation of America.

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Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments I completely agree that Project Monarch is a load of bunk perpetuated by sensationalist conspiracy theorists. There is a real danger of people following the herd when it comes to rumours.
As much as I personally believe many famous people have been 'part of the conspiracy', there is no justification in naming names like JayZ and Paris Hilton.
Some people will point to 'Illuminati' symbology within their videos and so on. I, for one, believe there is a One Conspiracy Group (call 'em the Illuminati or what you like) so I think it's very likely that All Seeing Eyes and the like in videos may well be part of the hidden agenda- but people then use this as evidence that the star in the video is involved. If you DO believe they're hiding symbols, then why the HELL aren't we pointing the fingers at the directors and those involved with its making?

It's good to have this discussion group on Goodreads, as it means that people who READ can debate such things!

(The Bill Hicks sketch springs to mind: the waffle waitress asking him, "What are you reading for?"
"What am I reading FOR?")

Now, it's worth bearing in mind that Cathy O'Brien's book came out well before the internet, and we know how much the internet can sensationalise etc., where it would be 'easy' for some Cathy copycats to spring up. But Cathy O'Brien is still the one source who we can debate seriously and shouldn't just count out of hand. The first reason being: why would ANYONE subject themselves to the public backlash that the book Trance was bound to cause? Would it be worth the profits of the book? No.
So I don't think she's lying.
(Although, in Mykhayla's post above, she says "Cathy's debunked much of it herself". I'm completely unaware of this. Has she retracted anything? Please tell more, Mikhayla.)
Secondly, it's not just Cathy's account of being the victim, but half the book is the account of Mark Phillips who 'saved her.' So we have two accounts from different perspectives, which should help to corroborate matters more. (Of course they could both be 'in on it', but what I mean is, there's a lot more worth looking at because there are two players involved.)
And thirdly- the most important- they've been trying for years and years to get it to court and haven't been able to. THAT is the one thing that means no one should debunk the claims out of hand.
Does trying to get a trial prove it's all real then? No. We can't know that. But such claims should be allowed to go before a court of law. Phillips and O'Brien have tried to do that. The 'establishment' has stopped them.

It's also worth responding to the comments in this thread of other systematic abuse. Satanic paedophilia is a key part of many conspiracy theorists' take on matters, and there's certainly enough evidence to not just ignore it out of hand.
There have been many reports from victims and whistle blowers of the Satanic abuse- but leaving that part aside and looking at just systematic abuse, there's a ton upon ton of evidence.
The Vatican's cover ups of paedophilia that were exposed a few years ago were first mentioned by David Icke in his early books, as were many other famous individuals linked with child abuse. The U.K's ex Prime Minister Ted Heath is one name that crops up again and again- there are reports of (and, sorry, this is sick indeed) him and other famous people taking boats with kids out to sea, then raping and killing them and throwing them overboard. The point is that Icke- and many more- can make these claims, and yet they are not allowed to put their accusations in front of a court (a la Cathy O'Brien), and also they never get done with slander/libel either.

People outside of the U.K may be unaware of one of our biggest news stories from the past few years. Ever since dead entertainer Jimmy Saville was exposed as a paedophile, we've been in a situation of more and more names coming out (Cliff Richard being the latest.) Some have been imprisoned. Some have been found innocent. We're talking household names from U.K entertainment and politics here! The police's Opertaion Yew Tree is still ploughing through a plethora of claims, but it certainly seems as though their throwing a few scapegoats around, because there has yet been no talk of any undercover systematic abuse. This is utter bollocks.
The most famous case for evidence on this subject is the Elm Guest House Scandal. Check out the video on YouTube.


And for a short, very well written, non-biased article about this whole subject, please read this blog post from Scriptonite:


Personally, I believe this one ugly subject in the U.K is what's gonna uncover the conspiracy behind it... and all other things!

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James Morcan | 7837 comments And what about that whole issue of those horrific crimes against children that came up in Belgium about a decade ago that involved numerous senior members of Belgium's parliament?

Did you see news reports or documentaries on that, Harry? If so, can you elaborate on what you know as I think that is possible the biggest investigation into such crimes and exposed something very dark that happens in society.

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Absolutely James- alongside the Vatican, the investigation into those crimes in Belgium are certainly one of the biggest exposes of the ugly things going on amongst people in power, but I probably don't know any more about it than you- it's not something I've looked at in any greater detail than others did at the time.
But it is worth mentioning how much Belgium is involved with the 'Illuminati' (personally I use that term as a generic term for the One Conspiracy Group). See my post on bloodlines under the New World Order thread in this discussion group, and then have a look at Fritz Springmeier's take on how important the often overlooked country of Belgium is to the conspiracy:


In his summary of the short article in that link he says: "Belgium has been the traditional homeland for the elite, it has been the center of European trade & commerce, and has some traditional sites for satanic rituals (for instance several castles). Brussels has become the capital of the largest economic unit in the world, the EU. It is definitely small but mighty."

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James Morcan | 7837 comments Yeah, I don't know the full details of that Belgian investigation either, but the news articles I read about it are frightening...
I also saw a BBC documentary that indicated that the police investigators had to back off the case as the perpetuators of despicable crimes against children included very high ranking members of the Beglian parliament...the very top of the parliament, in fact.

Again, I ask, who the hell are these people in power around the world????

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Re; my post about paedophilia amongst entertainers and politicians in the U.K, above, I should have made it clearer that the case of Elm Guest House has not been looked at by the police's Operation Yew Tree and has never been mentioned in mainstream press. It's one of those notorious things that's only mentioned in alternative media and conspiracy circles. Sure, the case is speculative, but why the hell hasn't it been mentioned in our country's present plight of exposing establishment paedophilia?

So... I'd be interested to know what people think of this: When entertainer Rolf Harris was first accused of sex crimes and mentioned in the mainstream press, around Christmas time, I left a comment on the Yahoo news article. I briefly mentioned Elm Guest House and asked readers to look at the YouTube video and read the Scriptonite blog- without putting in any links, as this isn't allowed in comments.
Well, three hours after I posted it, not only was my post deleted, but all comments were gone and disabled. I looked elsewhere on the internet and soon found that nowhere could you leave comments about it- not even on Twitter.
Had I single handedly made that happen? I wondered!

I understand that comments aren't available for sensitive news stories when there is an actual trial going on- but this wasn't the case- and I'd seen comments left before on other Yew Tree arrests... but no comments about Elm Guest House of course.

A few months later, Rolf Harris was back for an updated story, and this time Yahoo were allowing comments, so I tried to post a similar thing again. As soon as I hit the publish button, my comment was deleted. I tried again. Same thing. Even though other comments were being posted. Maybe more technical readers than I may be able to explain this. I tried again, this time addressing my comment to Yahoo itself, saying something like: "Can I ask Yahoo why they are deleting my post about... Do none of you people working for Yahoo have kids of your own... do you not care..." etc. Deleted again.
I then looked through the other hundreds of comments, and found amongst them, others' similar experiences. There were comments that simply said: "Elm Guest House!!!" or "Wow! Comment deleted as it hit the page! Elm Guest House!"
So, Yahoo were obviously happy to leave in comments like that, because only us 'in the know' would know what they were talking about.
I was very pleased to see that other people had had the same idea as me: to mention Elm Guest House in a mainstream news forum, rather than it be isolated in backroom internet conspiracy chat rooms.
Some of us have since tried again and given up.

Am I being paranoid?

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James Morcan | 7837 comments That's a lot of coincidences, Harry...So maybe Big Brother is/was deleting your posts.

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Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments Project Monarch does not have the documented legitimacy of MK-Ultra, but is said to be a subproject of MK-Ultra. The objective of MK-Ultra was exactly the experience described by many early self-proclaimed subjects of Monarch. The more unbelievable and politically libelous claims of "subjects" such as Cathy O'Brien do more to discredit those claims that are more legitimately concerning, such as that of Paul Bonacci, in The Franklin Cover-up. I believe that many self-proclaimed subjects are either not actually victims, at least not victims of any such subproject, or are actively involved, whether voluntarily or otherwise, in an effort to discredit authentic victims. I am not particularly attached to the term Monarch. I am just as satisfied to say there are victims of MK-Ultra, and if the victims are calling the subproject they have been subjected to "Monarch" who am I to argue?
The only documentation Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips provide for their claims are photographs of business cards of those they have had dealings with, a record that mental health professionals were, at first, persuaded by their claim that Cathy's daughter Kelly suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder, and letters they received from politicians stating nothing more than that they had received the correspondence of Mark or Cathy. Cathy makes ridiculous claims that such figures as President Reagan, President Bush, President Clinton, Hilary Clinton, Senator Byrd, Senator... Senator... Senator... Congressman... Congressman...Representative... Country Singer.... Are cocaine lords and users, and sadistic pedophiles, all in collusion. I suspect the cocaine use of these presidents would be noticed in their physical and mental appearance. Cathy's depictions are pornographic and self-serving, but not the ritual abuse described by authentic survivors. Even if a genuine survivor has been subjected to abuse by a high profile member of the global elite, it is highly unlikely they have experienced being a sex slave of elite with these numbers and reputations. Cathy's account pushes the boundaries that make fiction functionally believable. I suggest this is intentional. Mark Phillips makes no effort to hide the fact that he is a hypnotist, nor that he used his understanding of hypnosis in the "deprogramming" of Cathy. His methods are in fact the methods of programming, not "deprogramming." He acknowledges his sources which are highly questionable. There is more to suggest that Mark Philips programmed Cathy to spread misleading propaganda than there is to suggest that Cathy's experiences are the accounts she shares in their publications. They claim documentation to support her accounts, but they do not present it. Her daughter Kelly does not remember anything Cathy tells her she experienced....
I believe there are underground pedophile rings for those in positions of power and trust. I believe Paul Bonacci, but I believe that most of the victims are victims of people more common and well known to them. I believe in the accounts of Anne Johnson-Davies, in her book Hell Minus One. She has a written confession from her abusers, her parents. I believe the account of Jenny Hill is a genuine account, but these women do not claim to be sex slaves of presidents in the plural. Paul Bonacci and Carol Rutz may be authentic victims of Monarch, but frankly I wish Rutz would provide more evidence to support her personal experience.

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Yeah, I can't argue with any of that Mikhayla- and it's an interesting point you make about the lack of documentation and Phillips' hypnotism skills. Basically, there's a conspiracy there amongst it all, whatever that conspiracy is. I certainly don't believe the claims in Trance Formation of America: Trancewere made for profit, so it's most likely that it is either a double bluff/propagandist tool OR true- and we can't know which. Either way, it's more evidence to there being 'a conspiracy'. Though I find it interesting that some of the later survivors of mind control that have come forward have similar stories re; the mind control process, as Cathy O'Brien does, therefore giving her claims a bit more weight.

I guess I just don't find the idea of presidents and high paid entertainers abusing people as much as their power, to be anything too incredible to discount it out of hand. Though I always felt dubious by the claims of that woman (can't remember her name) who claimed to be Bob Hope's mind control sex slave- even though Hope is mentioned in Trance.

Ultimately, what most intelligent researchers agree upon is that mind control processes do exist and ritualistic abuse does exist. So I'll stop nitpicking over claims we can't verify, 'cos what's more important is exposing the systematic abuse that we know is happening, and which, Mikhayla, you're rightly writing about and researching yourself.

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Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments Harry,
Your statements, "Basically, there's a conspiracy there amongst it all, whatever that conspiracy is... so it's most likely that it is either a double bluff/propaganda tool OR true-" is on the nose regarding my perspective. "double/bluff" propaganda would be the most obviously useful tool to use to cover for what is going on. It serves multiple purposes. It discredits the topic generally, making it inaccessible to the general public. It is only researched and considered by those who have seen enough to know that there most certainly is something going on, something dangerous that desperately needs to be exposed, but who may be so attached to their conviction that there is something going on that they are open to propaganda that leads them away from the facts, and it moves them down political roads that may well be the intent of those responsible in the first place. It places seeds of doubt and distrust in the very leaders we need to oppose them. They are creating a distrust in our law enforcement, military, and emergency response systems. Yes, these organizations are deeply infiltrated and corrupt, but we need them. It is because we need them that they have been infiltrated. They need to be weeded, but not dismantled. Making insane accusations against presidents, congressmen and senators is not a good way to motivate them to investigate claims of corruption and abuse.
The woman who's claims you are doubtful of are those of "Brice Taylor" aka Susan Ford. Personally I believe both Susan Ford, and Cathy O'Brian are indeed victims, but not in the way they believe or have written about. I believe they are being used as a "double bluff/propagandist tool." Hypnosis, and genuine abuse may well have been used, but not necessarily by the people they are incriminating. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool, and Mark Phillips acknowledges using it. The last chapter of Susan Ford's book "Thanks for the Memories" is a discussion of the Illuminati and how they work. I believe that every word of this analysis is spot on. It is exactly the way the Illuminati worked in 1776, but they were not the global elite then, or now. They were and are, wanna bes. I'm sure that by now they are in positions of power, but they're motive is to discredit their opposition, and they use this "double bluff/ propagandist tool" to do just that. I shake your hand Harry. You are spot on, regarding my take on the situation.
George Estabrooks worked with military intelligence after WWII with the agenda of creating multiple personalities for the purpose of creating a "superspy." He felt this was acceptable because "war is grim business." He discuses his work in his book "Hypnotism." Using hypnosis he was able to create in subjects absolute beliefs in events that never occurred. In one scenario a subject reenters a building they themselves set a bomb in. This subject would then be blown up by the bomb they themselves planted, leaving no one to tell the tale. The creation of multiple personalities requires extreme abuse before the age of nine. War is "grim business" indeed.

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Mikhayla, I completely agree that there's disinformation purposely being put out there (and in my opinion, that includes the disinfo put out about David Icke, re; our other discussions.) but when I personally find things to be such, it's usually done after some original thing has been leaked or exposed. Which is why I personally lean towards Cathy being true, 'cos she was the first. But everything else you mention does make sense, so I'm sitting on the fence now as to what is true- propaganda tool or honesty?

Your comments about hypnotism resonated with thoughts I've often had as to why people instantly dismiss it into 'conspiracy quack land' when we just as easily believe that it exists as stage entertainment and a self-help tool. I mean, if we believe hypnotism does work, why wouldn't 'powers that be' be using it?

Hypnotism is the perfect example of how we see things as always black and white rather than seeing the grey in between. It's either entertainment or conspiracy crap. That's how we're forced to think, rather than take it, or any other conspiracy, at an independently thinking rational level.

I was a big Bob Hope fan when I was a kid. Used to watch the films on a Sunday afternoon. Hope it's not true(re; above post). Yep, it's that kind of judgement that leaves truth out in the cold.

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Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments Cathy O'Brien is not the first to use the term "Monarch" With the notion of it being a subproject of the CIA's mind-control project MK-Ultra. Paul Bonacci, the ritual abuse victim in "The Franklin Cover-Up" said that he was a victim of project Monarch. He was being used as a child prostitute for the elite. He did not claim to be the personal prostitute of every president of the United States and every Senator or Congressman he could possibly claim to have had contact with. He did however claim to be a victim of a pedophile ring used by people with too much power in Omaha Nebraska. He describes a group much like "The Finders" cult, which the CIA acknowledged to have a part in. "The Finders" kidnapped children who then suffered extreme, ritual abuse, and were sold out to pedophiles. As I said before, I believe Paul Bonacci. I do not believe Cathy O'Brien. John Decamp wrote "The Franklin Cover-Up" in 1992, before Cathy O'Brien's "Trance Formation." What if someone didn't like that there might be questions regarding this "Monarch Project" Bonacci mentioned, and so they set Mark Phillips to discrediting the notion of such a project?

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments I stand corrected Mikhayla- DeCamp's book did indeed come out first and Bonacci was the first mind control sex slave victim to come out.

It's symptomatic of my erratic conspiracy research- in that, in the U.K in the '90s, having much less resources than today's internet age, I wasn't very aware of Bonacci. I had heard a bit about The Franklin Cover Up, but thought it only referred to Satanic paedophilia groups and not mind control. I need to read DeCamp's book, and you obviously know a lot more about this subject than me.

I'm still sitting on the fence with regards to Cathy O'Brien. Although it's a good hypothesis you have, and I do believe disinformation is often put out there, it still means neither one of us know for sure.

And, as I said before, the most important thing is to focus on the vast amount of evidence and proof that we do have and which is ignored by mainstream media.

Whether we're talking Satanism or paedophilia or mind controlled sex slaves, there is undoubtedly an underground and high powered network- which fits into the Belgium scandal, the Vatican, the current U.K's Operation Yew Tree and all the rest. People just can't bring themselves to believe that these things are true, when much of it can indeed be proved as much as any other criminal case. I believe it's this element of the conspiracy that will allow the greater truth to come out. I mean, people love to turn a blind eye to things, but as soon as children are involved, it makes all the difference.

Keep up the good work Mikhayla.

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Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments Thanks Harry,

My research focus is ritual abuse, because my family has been recruited into this nightmare. My research began with a search for those responsible for these abuses against my family. Ritual abuse is intimately linked to MK-Ultra, or at least some brand of military mind-control project. Many survivors claim to be subjects of a military mind-control project. The trauma created by ritual abuse, extreme abuse before the age of nine, is intentionally creating the splits in personality which was/is an objective of these mind-control projects. They are using these intentionally created splits to become their programed sleeper agents. Ritual abuse, MK-Ultra and project Monarch are all subjects of the same phenomena, trauma based mind-control. There are ritual abuse survivors who are not government projects, but those who are victims of military mind-control are always ritual abuse survivors, with the same ritual aspects; perversions of the Masonic rites, which brings us to the topic of quasi-Masonic occult orders that evolved out of the Illuminati. Therefore, topics on MK-Ultra, Monarch, and the Illuminati are topics of interest to me personally.

It is my understanding that those involved in this nightmare, are generational. This is the case in my family, although I was not raised in it. My brother married into it. My sister-in-law's family are military. She was raised on an army base in Germany. She worked for PSYOPS. Since one must be either born into it, or marry into it, this makes it difficult for law enforcement to infiltrate in an undercover capacity. It makes it nearly impossible to escape. How do you escape from your own family, not to mention family who have the resources of the CIA and military intelligence, and then add to that the likelihood that you have been raised to be a subject of torture based mind-control.

You are so right. People don't want to believe it. I know I don't, and I still hold that most people are good and want the best for humanity. It's not easy to ask them to look at something so horrific. Good people don't tend to have an attraction for horrific human atrocities. But if they don't start looking into the topic, it will certainly come up and ruin their day. It did mine.

Irene (RenieMarie) | 66 comments James wrote: "And what about that whole issue of those horrific crimes against children that came up in Belgium about a decade ago that involved numerous senior members of Belgium's parliament?

Did you see new..."

GlAD someone mentioned this...

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Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments Irene,
Nice link. Kevin Annette is doing good work. He is bring up a law suit against the Vatican regarding the abuse of children by priests. Award-winning journalist Eileen Fairweather exposed a sadistic child sex ring involving people in positions of trust and power in 2008. Perpetrators included an aristocrat, clerics, a Social Service Chief and senior police. Thank you for joining this discussion Irene!


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Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments Edward says "Why go through all the shit when you can have her cheap..." It's not about having a sex slave Edward. It's about having mind controlled sleeper agents, a mind controlled army of trained assassins who are suicidal and can also be used as sex slaves for blackmail etc, especially child sex slave. Have you ever heard of "The Manchurian Candidate" or MK-Ultra?

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James Morcan | 7837 comments Wesley wrote: "Monarch slaves are used by several organizations connected with the world elite in fields such as the military, sex slavery and the entertainment industry. This article will look at the origins of Monarch programming, its techniques and its symbolism..."

I would add to that that not only is Project Monarch (to my knowledge at least) still yet to be proven to exist by any declassified documents (unlike MK-Ultra), but believing in Monarch sex slaves requires a further dot to be connected or in another words another leap of faith.

Now if you say "Monarch-style sex slaves" (i.e. not necessarily in Project Monarch) then yes, I'd agree with you, there is enough reports to prove that. But specific slaves in a CIA program called Project Monarch remains just a theory according to everything I've read on the subject.

So Monarch is basically in the same category as the Illuminati. These names are being used to cover wider/broader interrelated theories, but under their strict definitions neither are proven to exist (or in the case of the Illuminati there's no hard evidence to show they continued beyond the actual small-scale Illuminati organiztion in the late 1700s).

However, if there have recently been declassified documents proving Monarch's existence like the declassified MK-Ultra documents, then feel free to post some links etc.

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Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments I feel perfectly comfortable recognizing that there are survivors of MK-Ultra, tortured as children for the purpose of creating Dissociative Identity Disorder to be programmed for military and political purposes. This is documented, and the accounts of survivors is consistent with the stated objectives and techniques covered in the documents.

There are no documents proving the existence of the subproject Monarch and this makes it easy to twist and confuse the understanding of this project in the public eye, if it does exist. Spreading propaganda to sway the belief that project Monarch is perpetrated by the elite is typical and has been done with the concept of the Illuminati as well. It is also well documented that Mk-Ultra was hidden even from the Executive branch of government, the "elite" if you will.

I'm perfectly comfortable with stating that there are survivors of MK-Ultra without feeling the need to demand belief in a project Monarch. The documentation for MK-Ultra offers evidence that there was a project that utilized exactly the techniques survivors depict in their accounts. I do not feel the need to call the perpetrators the "global elite." They certainly consist of organized criminals who should be removed from positions of power, when they are discovered. What ever happened to Allen Dulles and Sydney Gottlieb.

Accounts of survivors need to be taken very seriously, but not all of them. Accounts that depict survivors as purely sex slaves and drug mules for the global elite should be tossed out as the propaganda trash of the guilty. The reason should be obvious.

Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments Things are hotting up in the huge scandal of organised paedophilia within Westminster, here in England. More and more information is coming out, supporting what alternative media and conspiracy groups have been claiming for decades.
Cover ups abound...




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Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments Edward wrote: "...an overt attempt at one line marketing acumen...."

I love simple truths that promote a sort of aha experience, and koans, when they work. One worders like "Compassion." Yes, I am on a mission to educate. If I can do it in a one liner, that would be great. If in one word, even better. Perhaps that word is "See." Now if I had that picture of my baby being tortured I would present it here in an adjoining mime. Oh well, I'm sure it would be quickly taken off the net anyway for being rated R,XXX,...

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Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments Edward,

I agree. One may be speaking. Some grasp Koans, "babboon"s are not likely too.

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Oelley | 6 comments The self-proclaimed mind control victims have gotten weirder and weirder in r
ecent years. They include those who claim they have been Eyes Wide Shut-style sex slaves under mind control their entire lives.

You know people like you make me sick. Let me tell you something. I know about the methods my father used on my mother. She was 28.. and doesn't suffer false memories. I understood the methods he used where the same used on American pows in North Korea.Where he had been stationed.. just after the war. I just found out last week a CIA connection. I don't read conspiracy theories and I don't have political affiliations. But I will tell you what I do have .. the same last name as False memory inventor himself, F C, Crews. I also have the same religious connections and a Princeton university connection. Since it is documented that all us Crews' come straight down from a handful of immigrants who where cousins I feel its safe to conclude.. there is a connection between him and my torturing child raping father who .. happened to be in the CIA. hmmmmm My father C. Crews urinated in a year 5 old girls mouth. Tortured a 2 year old girl leaving her fractured and tried to hypnotize her over the phone during a random phone call when she was 18. Tortured a 12 year old boy, forced him to have sexual contact with his mother. He is not suffering from false memories. C. Crews' favored form of torture was snapping a bullwhip into the face of an 8 year old boy. But C. Crews was never even arrested for his crimes.. why?? Cause F.C.Crews wrote the book False memories. Let me say it again punk.. We don't have false memories We have real memories and pictures. Grow up foolish little man. This is the reality of what you are dening

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James Morcan | 7837 comments Oelley wrote: "Grow up evil little man. This is the reality of what you are dening

Suggest you re-read my posts. Nowhere have I denied anything. I said Monarch is yet to be confirmed by any declassified documents (unlike MK-Ultra) which is the truth. And I also qualified that by saying that just because no declassified documents have been released by the CIA proving that Monarch exists, does not mean it ain't true.

So instead of making accusations based off misunderstandings or reading things too fast, why not just participate in the group and say what you believe or know to be true?

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Oelley | 6 comments Oelley wrote: "The self-proclaimed mind control victims have gotten weirder and weirder in r
ecent years. They include those who claim they have been Eyes Wide Shut-style sex slaves under mind control their entir..."

Own your words. Don't lecture me. You are the offense. I really wish you where standing in front of me right now. I doubt seriously you would be quite as quick in your attempts to deny your own hate filled spew. Do you talk that way about holocaust survivors too? I didn't write what I said thinking you would retract your statement. I know you have a script to read from and people to protect and others to attack. I wrote what I said for my own benefit and the benefit of those people who's injuries you add insults to.

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Oelley | 6 comments Oelley wrote: "Oelley wrote: "The self-proclaimed mind control victims have gotten weirder and weirder in r
ecent years. They include those who claim they have been Eyes Wide Shut-style sex slaves under mind cont..."

BTW.. he traveled all over the south eastern part of American setting up the sex ring net work in that area. Just walk away from this .. You cannot win here. I am giving a statement of facts that should be investigated instead of dismissed. His military files where destroyed in a fire by the CIA.. the fact that an intelligence agency who has a record of endless abuses simply hasn't as of yet confirmed or admitted to the most controversial of their mind control experiments matters what????? The success of intended outcome of the monarch experiment has been breathtaking in implications. they weren't trying to create mancherian candidates with these methods. This is about the sexual revolution and the restructuring of the American culture. Hell no you are not going to get a confession on this one..

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James Morcan | 7837 comments Oelley wrote: "Oelley wrote: "I know you have a script to read from and people to protect and others to attack...."

People to protect? Scripts to read from? Others to attack? O...kay.

And I own all my words and have no reason to retract anything. The mind control claims have gotten strange and harder to prove compared to the days of MK-Ultra. There's nothing offensive about saying that. Again, it doesn't mean some of the victims who have come forward are not telling the truth and if you took the time to read posts I've written in this group (instead of going on the offensive) you'd see I have said in numerous places that all of it may in fact be true.

I suggest you slow down, take time to read other posts, interact with others in this group who have also come forward and said they are survivors like you refer to, instead of accusing a humble researcher who is still learning about this side of mind control...

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Oelley | 6 comments Mikhayla wrote: "Thanks Harry,

My research focus is ritual abuse, because my family has been recruited into this nightmare. My research began with a search for those responsible for these abuses against my fam..."

Listen. I just found this connection between the monarch methods and the CIA. Until last week I thought my father brought the methods home from Korea and we where just a singular incident. I am still realing. The frist two days after discovery I was suicidal and felt the horror of feeling like I was the only one who knows. I kept expecting some men in black agent to show up in my room with a syringe. I have learned to control my emotions other wise I would have killed myself. I was terrified. Finally I took the chance on got online. I was rather surprised. I guess I am the last in America to know. But I want to tell you something. I don't trust these people who are online exposing the truth. I know things about this that is fact and it is not being reported. there are people who are being accused as contributing to the problem when infact they are helping. I have yet to see one website that exposes the true television programing that was obviously involved in 1970's.. there is a Princeton connection to that program. I think the misdirection is deliberate. That is what ritual abuse is. Real rape real torture that redirects the memories and emotions away from the colperate and attaches the rape to the person who is trying to protect them. Like the mother or pastor. My family is directly involved in the creating of the false memory bs. My family is directly involved in so much of this. My family is serious about keeping my mouth shut. I have survived two arson attempts. I am not going to keep my mouth shut for the sake of others. Don't listen to everything the websites online are reporting about this. I am trying to find something more reliable. Disney isn't part of the problem for the most part. There are many deprograming efforts that are out there. Zelda and Fate video games for instance. One I put the pieces together the knowledge I had acquired over the years fell into place. there is evil in this but there is a lot of good. the first program and only program I know of that was directly and deliberately using hypnotizing and mind control was sesame street. that was in 1970's // that is not to say there isn't more now. I just don't know .. The candy and toys industry has some pretty perverted stuff out there..
But avengers 2 movie is about this. and it indicates there are a lot of people who know and are trying to help others recover. We don't know everything here.. and be careful about anybody who claims they are going to use specific methods to change the way you think so you can recover. I found an intire site that was posing as protecting victoms while they where in fact offering to reprogram your thinking for you. no thanks I will do that for myself

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Oelley | 6 comments Mikhayla wrote: "I feel perfectly comfortable recognizing that there are survivors of MK-Ultra, tortured as children for the purpose of creating Dissociative Identity Disorder to be programmed for military and poli..."

Unril last week I thought my father had learned the methods he used on my entire family in north Korea over the last week and a half I found that he was in the CIa HE DID make a random phone call and tried to use a preprogramed word to get me to come to him. It didn't work. I do believe he was organizing sexrings in south east corner of the united states.. and I am pretty sure he tried to kill me twice after I rejected his attempt to lure me back to him.

While I am not defending these people I have to tell you with everything I know I don't think that mancharian candidness was the objective here. I think the release of the information is a deliberate effort on the part of the CIA to jump the gun on the conspiracy theory and to craft their own so that real objective can remain covered. the real objective has been accomplished with breath takeing success. The method of misdirection is the central key to the success of this venture. Rape torture children. Implant false memories of satanic rituals to create straw men. then usher in the psychiatrist that misdirects the cause of the false memories away from the results of deliberated creation and place the cause of the memory problems on Freud and say it is all the result of psychoanalysis. BTW F.C. CREWs one of the most vocal and respected experts who wrote the book on false memories accused. (Google him) my cia father's name? C.Crews. yea.. hmmm creepy family. anyway. the reason for the experiment seems rather obvious. When I dissociated and began splitting my personality I suddenly lost all personal identity. Including my sexual orientation by the time I was 11 I developed lesbian tendencies. I know what I am saying is explosively controversial but they created a generation of sexually confused people who where organized into a political force then exploited further in bringing about massive social changes that just came threw the door without closing it.. . and look who is standing on the front porch.. the pedophiles. the legislation that has just passed in many cities around the country claims to be about trans genders being able to use any bathrooms.. really? Cause that is just so important. But the fact that it will also serve to finally remove the sex oftener registry is coincidental and seems to go completely unnoticed .. then pedophiles can live anywhere they want without "discrimination" this is horrifyingly real. Manchurian candidates.. yeeeaaaa . No I don't think so. He couldn't even get me to move to another state and he promised to buy me a car too! nooo .. they wish they could control minds well enough to program assassins to obey their every command. pft. I doubt it seriously. Timathy Mc Vegh isn't getting off that easy .. he wasn't a pasty. He made choices. The people that had no choice are all those children who's sexuality got jacked around.

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Oelley | 6 comments James wrote: "Oelley wrote: "Oelley wrote: "I know you have a script to read from and people to protect and others to attack...."

People to protect? Scripts to read from? Others to attack? O...kay.

And I own a..."

The self-proclaimed mind control victims have gotten weirder and weirder in recent years. They include those who claim they have been Eyes Wide Shut-style sex slaves under mind control their entire lives.

Humble, apologizes for inflaming statements. Seriously. I have no patience for this kind of treatment of the victims. stop defending yourself and start thinking about who you are doubting. This is more real than could have ever imagined. Last week I was fighting the overpowering urge to kill myself or run door to door telling my neighbors to not read random texts and to be careful of automatic doors at wal mart. If you are holding out for an official statement from the cia admitting to the Monarch program before you believe the thousands and thousands of most recent in the long line of mind control experiments then you are dumb. To dumb to safely cross the street by yourself. Or you are deliberately slandering people who really have suffered something.. take your pick. But I wont give you humble Tell me something do I sound naïve and easily conned to you? Just go away if you cannot admit when you are wrong.

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Lance Morcan | 2006 comments Edward wrote: "Oelley wrote: "James wrote: "Oelley wrote: "Oelley wrote: "I know you have a script to read from and people to protect and others to attack...."

People to protect? Scripts to read from? Others to ..."

Good points Edward.

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Jim Since Oelly arrived on GR five hours ago and made a beeline to this group, I'm gonna go with this being one of the security guys James was sparring with over on Linked-in having a bit of fun...

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Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments Oelley,

You come across as a real survivor to me. I have encountered a few survivors. Some clearly BSers, some authentic, all with completely different takes on the source of their tormentors, even within their own system. There is no doubt in my mind there is a connection to military intelligence. You seem to be struggling to make sense of this all yourself. I suggest you breath, and do as James, Edward, and Lance have suggested, and read previous posts. You will find that James is very new to this topic but is putting forth a commendable effort to understand it. Adding the topic of Ritual Abuse, to HIS and Lances discussion group was an act of good will toward survivors. James fancies himself an advocate. As a survivor you would do well not to try to convince him otherwise.

It is good for survivors that he is skeptical of those aspects that are worthy of skepticism. As you said yourself, those responsible have made great effort to put out decoys and false information. Sifting through the muck to come up with the truth is not easy, even for survivors themselves. James may be wrong about many things. I feel he is wrong to not heed my advice and put a trigger warning at the start of the Ritual Abuse thread, given there IS a post with fairy tale programming triggers, that very well could be harmful to survivors. I understand that James and Lance are new to this, and grateful that they are brave enough to take an interest.

Jim pointed out that you seem to have created an account for the purpose of addressing this thread. This is something that James and Lance may need to get used to. The online presence of folks tasked with muddying the waters of truth seekers is very common to groups addressing this topic. There will be survivors themselves who are struggling to understand, and feel very threatened to even risk making any sort of public appearance. And survivors are also tasked with being perpetrators, and joint the collective etc., consider this.

BTW, James is correct. There are a lot of nutty CIA sex-slave stories out there. I suggest this is intentional. The nuttier the stories the less likely it is that we will win the attention of the public. Of course there is something real and horrifying going on. This is all the more reason to weed out the fiction and ask ourselves, why the plethora of nutty stories, mixed with consistent and believable ones?

I have used a pen name to protect my family and others, but can you say more about who you are Oelley?

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Mikhayla Gracey | 270 comments Thank you Edward. Hearing, thoughts and feelings without question, is the beginning of understanding. During the training I received at the rape crisis center there was a woman who declared that the account of the two survivors to be unbelievable. She accused them of lying. She was told that it was not her place to believe, or not believe. It was her place to listen, and she could not do that, she should leave the notion of being a rape crisis counselor.

Personally I found it hard to believe anyone listening to these two women could argue that their accounts were not true. These women were telling of identical experiences and had not met each other until their therapists had introduced them to one another because their accounts were similar. Both told about "magic surgery," as a child. They were told an eyeball had been implanted in them, and the eyeball would know if they said anything to anyone about the activities of the group... all-seeing-eye, metaphor was used. Both women were raised Mormon and had the rites of the Mormon tradition perverted in the same way. Both women.... they did not come across to me as being liars. In fact I found it hard to come up with an explanation for the consistency of their accounts if they had been lying. When the same jargon came to the lips of my own niece, it cinched it. This shit is for real!

Oelley, they changed the name of the thread "Ritual Abuse" to "Mind-Controlled Slaves" or some such. If you can contain the hurt enough to participate, I believe you have something to share. I also suspect you have a bit of healing to do before you are ready.

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James Morcan | 7837 comments Jim wrote: "Since Oelly arrived on GR five hours ago and made a beeline to this group, I'm gonna go with this being one of the security guys James was sparring with over on Linked-in having a bit of fun..."

Damn, I hope not, Jim!
Those guys could potentially be scary indeed.

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Chris | 1 comments Hi, folks.

My story is a long one and I think you'll find three things: first, what that I have some evidence as to what occurred; 2nd, I have as best as I can backed up what I suggest with history and reporting; 3rd, it's a lot more boring and mundane--most but not all of it--than the MONARCH stuff would suggest.

First suggest browsing this from my gripe blog:


You'll see mostly that involves FOIA and government documents as well as investigative reporting. Most disturbing devices are likely also up top under the acoustic psycho-correction tabs {two articles from 1993 on that} and Subproject 119. The brain is a bioelectric organ. No implants required to use proven tech like the Frey effect on it.

Then if you're a real glutton for punishment, the draft of my book, really about the attempted cover up of insider trading and market manipulation on Wall Street and globally by CIA and NSA:


Chapters 37, 38, and 39, including a ridiculous response from the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Justice is a good place to start. Chapter 20 and on explains what happened in 2009 and after. The previous chapters are an attempt to explain "Why Me?" and what are CIA and the Deep State really up to? Why are they increasing violence, using deception domestically, etc.?

By the way, agree with much of what the OP wrote. Some of the MONARCH stuff sounds like disinfo. But what we need to remember is that much of MKULTRA was about surreptitiously drugging people. Just because someone makes crazy claims doesn't mean necessarily that something hasn't happened to them. We already know that many Cold War programs have returned, MINARET, SHAMROCK, SRPOINTER, MHCHAOS. It's not a big leap to add MKOFTEN, MKULTRA, MOCKINGBIRD, COINTELPRO, etc. in the current climate. Drugging people was key to MKULTRA's goals and in fact was the first one listed in a memo from 1955 contained in the Senate report.

Not a sex slave or satanic abuse victim, but it has been really, really unpleasant.

I am very open to discussing it wherever, however anyone would like.

Chris Knall
Port Huron MI USA
Twitter: @kanyslupin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cknall/

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James Morcan | 7837 comments Chris wrote: "Hi, folks.

My story is a long one and I think you'll find three things: first, what that I have some evidence as to what occurred; 2nd, I have as best as I can backed up what I suggest with histor..."

Thanks for sharing your experience on the matter, Chris. I agree, in general terms at least, with everything you say and it seems like you have balanced viewpoint on this subject.

Can you share anymore on how you've specifically been involved in these mind control programs?
Only if you feel comfortable sharing that of course.


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Andrew Glickman | 2 comments folks like my ex/wife were notorious for "mind control" ;

message 49: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Glickman | 2 comments Andrew wrote: "folks like my ex/wife were notorious for "mind control" ;"

my posts, too can be referenced on facebook .

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James Morcan | 7837 comments Any chance Bill Cosby could have been using MK-Ultra or Monarch-style programming in his (alleged) multiple rapes?

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