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Brittany Lee The Outsiders by S.E. HintonS.E. Hinton

As you read the novel The Outsiders, you will summarize each chapter for book readers at “”. The summary will be succinct so that readers get the gist of the novel. Upon completion, you will then compare, contrast, and critique the film adaptation of The Outsiders for movie goers.

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Brittany Lee Chapter One of S.E. Hinton's, "The Outsiders," introduces two groups of people. The Greasers, whom are made up of boys from the others side of town, where most are of lower income. The main characters were Pony Boy and Darry, Pony Boy's older brother. Darry, 20 years old, is required to take care of Pony Boy, 17 years old, and his younger brother due to their parents passing at a young age. In this Chapter the brothers and other members of the group go to a drive in theater, where Dally ends up harassing two girls that they had just met. Johnny, a member of the Greasers, asks Dally to leave. The group remains at the theater to interact with the two girls they had met. They will soon find out their background.

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Brittany Lee By Kevin, Jennifer, and Sam

Chapter 2 of "The Outsiders"

Cherry and her friend, from the Socs, asked Pony Boy and Johnny, from the Greasers, to sit with them. Ponny Boy tells Cherry about the time he got jumped by the Socs, when he was coming home from the movie theater. Cherry told Pony Boy that the Socs are not all the same, just like the Greasers weren't all like Dally. They all have different personalities.

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Brittany Lee By Jennifer, Cristian, Michael, Jolien, and Sam (+ Support from Nelson, Brenda, Javon, and Kevin)

Chapter 3 of "The Outsiders"

In the book" The Outsiders," in chapter 3, Darry got mad at Pony boy, his brother. Pony boy came in the house at 2 AM, his curfew was midnight. Darry was tired of Pony boy's excuses so he hit his brother in the face. Darry hurt Pony boy's feelings, this made him want to run away with Johnny. Although, Pony boy decided to stay in his comfy, warm bed.

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Brittany Lee Chapter 4 of "The Outsiders"

In Chapter four, of "The Outsiders," the main idea Pony boy and Johnny killed a Soc and needed to hide. Two Socs showed up in a blue Mustang, where the Greasers were, and tried to fight Pony boy. They held his head under water to try to drown him. Johnny got angry and accidentally killed the other boy. Pony boy and Johnny went to Dally for help. Dally told them to take a train to an old church on Jay mountain. He told them to hide there. Pony boy and Johnny cut their hair to disguise their identity. They did not want the police to recognize them. In conclusion, Johnny and Pony boy will be hiding on Jay mountain for a long time because they killed a Soc.

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Brittany Lee By Nelson, Kevin, Michael, and Jolien

Chapter 5 of "The Outsiders"

The main idea of Chapter 5, is about Johnny and Pony boy saving kids from the church fire. They first saw the church burning. Then the boys climbed through the window. Lastly, they got all of the kids out. In conclusion, Johnny and Pony boy were heroes.

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Brittany Lee Conclusion Presentation of The Outsiders by S.E Hinton.
by Juliana Silva

The climax is when Johnny passes away after saving children from a church engulfed in flames.

What happens next?
Dally feels life is pointless so he lets cops kill him.

Pony struggles with his understanding of the deaths that have happened. He becomes depressed and detached.

Pony goes to Bob's murder trial and is acquitted .

Pony and Soda are threatened to be taken to a boys home, but prove to be fine with their older brother Darry.

Pony struggles academically and is failing his English class. His teacher offers to give him a passing grade if he writes a beautiful autobiographical essay. The essay? The book the audience just read.

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