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message 1: by K. (new)

K. Bromberg (kbromberg) | 29 comments Mod
We all have our guilty pleasures . . . teacher/student, second chance, best friends to lovers, enemy to lovers, etc . . . which one is your go-to?

message 2: by JoAnna (new)

JoAnna Koller | 2 comments The more taboo, the better. I’d say enemy to lover is a favorite of mine.

message 3: by Miranda (new)

Miranda (mirandafaith) | 4 comments That’s tough.....it usually depends on my mood, but if I have to pick my go to probably enemies to lovers

message 4: by Jos (new)

Jos (jap68) | 1 comments Hmmmmmmm great question but geesh where do I begin lol. Me I love an older hero/younger heroine (a brothers best friend is a great set-up, also in a mafia book set-up, even a professor/student and boss/intern scenario too lol), those for sure along with a really good MC romance would be my top go-to's.... I like to mix it up

message 5: by Esra (new)

Esra (esracetin) I'd say... Best friends to lovers, second chances and gay for you! Sorry I could'n choose one LOL :D

message 6: by April (new)

April | 10 comments I love so many but I’ll go with Best Friends/little sister!

message 7: by Sarina (new)

Sarina Bowen (sarinabowen) | 38 comments Mod
I have an inexplicable fondness for secret babies.

message 8: by -Sabina (new)

-Sabina (fiftyslater) | 7 comments second chances. it will sounds weird but i like how these books break my heart. and enemy to lovers in these books i love good sarcasm and sense of humor.

message 9: by Erin (new)

Erin | 8 comments Can all of them be an option??? I do like second chances and friends to lovers though.

message 10: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Luv second chance, college, sport, MC and friends to lovers. The only trope i m not mad about is PNR i just cant seem to get into it.

message 11: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Garcia (jennifergarcia) | 7 comments I think second chance love is my favorite.

message 12: by CARISSA (new)

CARISSA E (bookaholic44) Enemy/Lovers & Dom/Sub

message 13: by Doris (new)

Doris Enemies/Lovers! ♥ office romance, outdoor romance, romantic thrill
I'm always happy about recommendations :)

(PS: Not very fond of secret babies, best friends/lovers.)

message 14: by Darvina (new)

Darvina Anything that the characters have had a hard life before they meet their soul mate or lover. Not to fond of childhood sweethearts although I will read them.

message 15: by Katie (new)

Katie | 17 comments My favorites are friends to lovers (the love story I secretly hope to have) because I believe there needs to be a friendship before a love relationship. Yet, I also love enemies to lovers because of the angst and banter.

message 16: by Treena (new)

Treena (treenao) | 5 comments I love an enemies-to-lovers story 😍

message 17: by Jenni (new)

Jenni | 2 comments Depends on my mood. I love second chances and taboo... but I do also love MC romance with loving for the first time. I couldn’t pick just one.

message 18: by Amy (new)

Amy Scott | 5 comments Coming of age
Secret attractions...step siblings, fake girlfriend/boyfriend situations that turn into relationships
Rags to riches.....Cinderella type situations

message 19: by Tanya (last edited Sep 02, 2018 11:19AM) (new)

Tanya Jarvis | 24 comments For me I tend to love second chance romance, small town romances, office romances and a good hate to love. Oh and bad boys. And super alphas, and celebrities, and bikers, ... and billionaire playboys. And manwhores who get brought to their knees. And older guy/younger girl like Penelope Douglas’ birthday girl. And sports romances. Oh and cowboys!
Ok nevermind lol... I can’t pick just one

message 20: by Coleen (new)

Coleen (dedivah) | 1 comments I love a good second chance with a secret baby! I don't care how it comes athlete, rich guy, alpha, biker, muscian, cowboy, cop, fireman.


message 21: by ViJo (new)

ViJo | 4 comments I like angst, so the forbidden and taboo, enemies to lovers, bad boy rockers, bad boy bikers, and sports romance seem to be my favs.

message 22: by Jackie (new)

Jackie pinhorn (jackiepinhorn) | 9 comments I really enjoy any of these, but if I have to choose I love friends to lovers.

message 23: by Jackie (new)

Jackie pinhorn (jackiepinhorn) | 9 comments Oh I forgot to add love a bad boy! Yes yes yes

Belly (Books 4 Girls) READ (littlemissbelly) | 7 comments Don’t like student/teacher romances.

My favorites are friends to lovers, ennemis to lovers and second chances romances.

I like bad boy/good girl romances and sports romances too.

message 25: by Tricia (new)

Tricia Bartley.  #AuthorStalker | 4 comments I'm easy..I love them all lmao. But I really love those broken, dirty, throw you over the shoulder alpha males!!! 🔥🔥🔥

message 26: by Allie (new)

Allie R | 5 comments Enemies to lovers, bad boy types who the smart nerdy girl always falls for, MC romance and mobs omg I love a good mob romance❤️❤️ okay seriously just about anything but those are my top four 😅

message 27: by Amy (new)

Amy  (amybosica) Depends on my mood. I love them all. My go-to's are definitely second chance romance and friends to lovers. Although lately I've really been enjoying ones with surprise pregnancies.

message 28: by Kylie (new)

Kylie Scott (kyliescott) | 38 comments Mod
I am so here for Beauty and the Beast retellings. And a dash of Cinderella is just fine too.

message 29: by Kristi (new)

Kristi Cramer (kristicramer) | 11 comments Is it a trope when one of the MCs (male or female, but usually female) is in danger, and the two must learn to work together to overcome danger?

message 30: by Karen (new)

Karen | 2 comments I have several: MC, second chance, cheating hero with good grovel, marriage in trouble, and rock star are my go tropes.

message 31: by Elle (new)

Elle Vanzandt (elle_vanzandt) | 5 comments I think it's easier for me to list the trope I'm not really fond of. All others I can get into with the exception of step siblings. Just never could wrap my head around that.
I love a good redemption story, secret pregnancy, second chance, best friends.
Such a great question!

message 32: by Amy (new)

Amy (bookluvin) | 41 comments I love taboo tropes! Bad boys, second chance romance, enemies to lovers. I love stories with lots of angst... If it's too sweet and easy, It's usually not for me...

message 33: by V_Nerdbooks (new)

V_Nerdbooks | 4 comments Love a taboo book, i love Second chance romances, enemy's to lovers, love a book with angst, and weirdly love a book with an unhappy ending or cliffhanger, i LOVE a cliffhanger lol

message 34: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 6 comments I love sports romance and MC romance, but who am I kidding I love them all.

message 35: by Jaya (last edited Sep 03, 2018 07:22AM) (new)

Jaya | 3 comments Second chance, rockstar, romantic suspense, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, historical, fantasies/pnr having vampires, shapeshifters... Angsty ones when am in mood for those. But usually avoid ones that involve triangles and cheating.

message 36: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 6 comments Second chance, single Mom/Dad, MC romance, enemies to lovers, oh and I love sports romance!!! I really am not picky i read a little dark but not too dark!!

message 37: by Janette MR (new)

Janette MR | 16 comments I honestly can’t choose one. Gotta love them All 😁

message 38: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Travis I love a big bad man who falls in love and is surprised by how jealous he is and tries to fight it but ends up her crush

message 39: by Darla (new)

Darla (darlao) | 5 comments I love most, but especially the bad boy rock star, fake marriage, surprise pregnancy, and powerful alpha billionaires.

message 40: by Wendy (new)

Wendy My go-to is second chance romance. But friends-to-lovers, siblings’ best friend/best friend’s siblings, and single parents are up there too.

message 41: by Kvkeith (new)

Kvkeith laurie | 10 comments I also love the dark, tortured grumpy person (male or female) that falls for the perpetual-bright-side-looker! I am a recent convert to the Marian-the-librarian by day and wild torch-singer-by-night, meets the uptight teacher. Not that I am specific or anything.,,

message 42: by Nyla (new)

Nyla (nylacurtis) | 1 comments Definitely sports romances 😍

message 43: by S.M. (new)

S.M. Lumetta (smlumetta) | 2 comments I love so many — friends to lovers is a top fave for sure, though I'm a sucker for enemies to lovers, too, sometimes. Teacher/student, Rockstar romances, fake marriage, and secret baby is fun on occasion ;)

message 44: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (tldoo) | 15 comments Bad boy, angst & suspense.

message 45: by Claudia (new)

Claudia Fosca Stahl (claudiafoscastahl) | 32 comments I usually pick the same authors so I don’t really pick a trope, but my favorites are friends to lovers and virgins, both male and female. I love them all, except time travel.

message 46: by sally (new)

sally martinez (sallym8070) | 11 comments I love them all😊

message 47: by Erin (new)

Erin (rescott678) | 5 comments Enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, sports, military (and Meghan March may say Anti-hero, Ruthless King 😉)

message 48: by Samantha (new)

Samantha | 6 comments MMA fighters, enemies to lovers, sports, billionaire, mafia, forbidden romance, sassy lovers, bad boy, really everything!

message 49: by Alex (new)

Alex | 3 comments Hockey players / hockey is my weakness!

message 50: by Amberb03 (new)

Amberb03 | 41 comments That’s such a hard choice!!! My Favorite would have to be Alpha males, preferably fighters 😉

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