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Caroline Walken I am so happy everyone is enjoying the story of Dottie in Behind the Fan. The story is inspired by a woman I met when I worked in a nursing home. She too would slip back into the past and when she did, she spoke of her husband and going out on a date!.

To the aids and I it seemed as if their love had survived even death. Despite the nurses and doctors insisting she be reminded of the current date and her surrounding, we encourage these 'absence of presence' she experienced. They were so real to her, she could imagine wearing different outfits, wearing her 'good' pearl necklace all necessary for her date with her husband.

So, we bent the rules for her and allowed her to find happiness in the past. I imagined when the time came, he was waiting for her, finally ready for that date.

KevinSMom I loved this book, Dottie's story was so beautiful.

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