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The Merlin Conspiracy (Magids, #2)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Fantasy in a magical alternate reality with multiple perspectives. [s]

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message 1: by Selena (new)

Selena Shepard | 4 comments I've been searching with the assistance of my librarian friend relentlessly for two weeks, so I am down to hoping someone else read this book.

Unfortunately, I can't recall much of the actual plot. It centered around at least two characters, possibly three, and switched perspectives between the characters every chapter. The only character I do remember is a young woman of magical talent which she was only just discovering, and sent on some sort of quest.

Details I Do Remember
-The world was ours, but as if science and technology had blended to some degree. The specific degree of melding and the level of technology is missing, however.
-The female protagonist, in the course of her quest, is teleported to wales, where she discovers that a mountain is actually an ancient sleeping dragon, and the dragon points her in the next direction. This is the only story detail that stands out with real clarity. It was definitely wales, and it was definitely a mountain/massive hill that woke up and proved to be a dragon.
-The characters start out separate and unaware of eachother, but with each switch of perspective they gradually end up on the same path for the climax.
-I remember something about a giant tree or some other plant-based construct big enough for her to walk in, and that required her to summon blue fire into her palm to see. The details are super fuzzy here, though, so I could have some of it wrong.

The book was hardcover in the harry potter style that was popular at the time, with an unassuming title that did little-to-nothing to hint about the book's magical nature. I am 85% certain it had just been printed recently, as it was written as part of a series and the second book wasn't available yet. I know this isn't particularly helpful, but at this point I am just banking on someone else having read the book and remembering that one key scene.

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Selena Shepard | 4 comments edit: Woops. Meant to say that I read it somewhere between 1999 and 2002

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Chrissie (chrissiewhitley) | 139 comments Selena wrote: "edit: Woops. Meant to say that I read it somewhere between 1999 and 2002"

Have you taken a peek at this list? It may be on there ... Books Set in Wales.

message 4: by Selena (new)

Selena Shepard | 4 comments I did, but it wasn't any of them as far as I could tell. I'm actually starting to think that this series is absurdly obscure, or the author never made it past the first book.

Nachelle | 154 comments Somewhat of a long shot here, but quite a few of the details fit. Maybe "The Merlin Conspiracy" by Diana Wynne Jones? There are different POV, the main girl character goes to Wales, discovers/awakens her magic, the main boy character has to summon blue fire in his hand, their stories begin converging, just to name a few of the details that fit.

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Selena Shepard | 4 comments Huh. It doesn't quite fit with what I remember, but I found a wiki for DWJ's stuff that actually included the bit about the dragon. Soooo, I guess I will call it solved! Thanks for getting that brainworm out.

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Rainbowheart | 21140 comments The Merlin Conspiracy for the link.

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