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Girl, 15, Charming but Insane (Jess Jordan, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA/silver sparkly cover/from the 2000's/a girl puts soup in a plastic bag, then puts it in her bra to make her breasts look bigger, in a houseparty a guy touches her boob, the bag bursts, the soup pour to his hands but he thinks it's vomit. [s]

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Ildikó | 4 comments Hi! Sorry for my English, I'm Hungarian but I'm so desperate to find this book, so I hope someone could help me. I search for this book so many years, yet I can't find it.

All things I know about this book:
- I read it between 2003-2010. I think it was released in the 2000's because in the library it was on that shelf where the new books stood when I read it for the first time.
- It has a sparkly silver cover, like if it was full of glitter and only the title and the author's name was on it. (Maybe there was a big heart in the cover, and in that were the letters but I'm not so sure about this.)
- It's a YA book, some slice of life story about a high school girl. I think it was written in the POV of her. I can't remember any names from the story. There isn't any fantasy, horror or drama stuff in it, it's just some ordinary girl's life. (Like Rosie Rushton's Melissa, Poppy or Olivia books.)
- The main girl has a crush on a boy who goes the same high school as her and he and his friends has a band. He has blonde curly hair. I don't remember anyone's phisical apperance but him because there was a scene where the main girl saw him playing bass guitar the first time and she tought that he looked like a sheep or lamb or some animal like that because of his hair and weird movements while playing. And after that she didn't found him that attractive and cool like in the first few chapters.
- The other scene I remember is when someone (I think the main girl - unless there were some chapters of someone else's POV) goes to a house party. She does her make up and dresses nicely but she thinks that her boobs are too tiny so wants to fill her bra with someting. I think she tried many options (like tissues), but then she makes some stuff from soup and other foods that I can't remember. She pour it to plastic bags and thinks that they feel natural when puts them in her bra like if they were some kind of implants or I don't know. She goes to the party and dances with some guy, who wants to touch her boob while they are dancing. As he squeeses it, the soup-thing pours out of the bag and goes everywhere. The girl runs to the toilet and freaks out, she fears that everyone would know about this in the school, but in the end the guy thinks it was vomit because the girl drank too much in the party.

I think it's all I can remember now. I hope someone can help me find it because I want to read this again, I remember that it was fun to read it bec ause there were many random things in it like the bra-thing above.

Again excuse my grammar, I tried to write this post the best I could.

Ildikó | 4 comments Oh my god. I searched for is sooo long, thank you for helping me. The sparkly version of the cover is similar to what I remembered and the summary mentions the soup-stuff, so I think it definitely is the book I was looking for. Thank you so much again. :D

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