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The History of the Church: From Christ to Constantine
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Manuel Alfonseca | 1630 comments Mod
The September voting had a clear winner: The History of the Church: From Christ to Constantine by Eusebius. It received 8 votes.

In second place there was a tie with four votes: The Gunpowder Plot and Strangers in a Strange Land.

Fourth was Quetzalcoatl's Zahir with three votes.

Then there were four books with two votes, and four books with one vote.

Three books did not receive any votes. One of them was protected from elimination. The other ones were Downing's "Looking for the King" and Seddon's "Tales from the Brackenwood's Ghost Club". The randomizer selected Seddon's book for elimination.

Next month two new books will enter the nominations list:

Out of the Ashes: Rebuilding American Culture by Anthony M. Esolen and The Restoration of Christian Culture by John Senior

Mariangel | 584 comments The two new books entering the list have similar topics, but they were nominated with several months difference.

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