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All of This Is True
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BUDDY READ: Contemporary/Romance > All of This is True by Lygia Day Peñaflor - Starting September 1st 2018

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✨Skye✨ | 3163 comments Miri Tan loved the book Undertow like it was a living being. So when she and her friends went to a book signing to meet the author, Fatima Ro, they concocted a plan to get close to her, even if her friends won’t admit it now. As for Jonah, well—Miri knows none of that was Fatima’s fault.

Soleil Johnston wanted to be a writer herself one day. When she and her friends started hanging out with her favorite author, Fatima Ro, she couldn’t believe their luck—especially when Jonah Nicholls started hanging out with them, too. Now, looking back, Soleil can’t believe she let Fatima manipulate her and Jonah like that. She can’t believe that she got used for a book.

Penny Panzarella was more than the materialistic party girl everyone at the Graham School thought she was. She desperately wanted Fatima Ro to see that, and she saw her chance when Fatima asked the girls to be transparent with her. If only she’d known what would happen when Fatima learned Jonah’s secret. If only she’d known that the line between fiction and truth was more complicated than any of them imagined. . . .

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Shae Petersen | 5267 comments 19% (view spoiler)

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✨Skye✨ | 3163 comments Will start later today, my book is at home :)

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Shae Petersen | 5267 comments No worries :) I’m back to work today so will be slower to read as I’ll only be reading at night time :)

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Kirsty | 1332 comments Starting this a little late
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✨Skye✨ | 3163 comments Done (view spoiler)

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Kirsty | 1332 comments Done (view spoiler)

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Shae Petersen | 5267 comments ✨Skye✨ wrote: "39% [spoilers removed]"

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