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The Owlstone Crown
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Juvenile book. Orphans (?) move in with their grandparents and start traveling to an alternate dimension when they step on the moon's reflection in the creek. 1990s? Possible Spoilers. [s]

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Blair Smith | 4 comments This was read to me in the library, so I don't remember the cover at all. I'm pretty sure it was read to me in the late 1990s, so no newer than 2000.

But brother and sister(?) move in with their estranged grandparents or grandmother, and live out in the woods somewhere. At some point, they are being chased, and they are running across stepping stones in the creek, but when they step on the one that's missing, but instead is the reflection of the moon, they fall into this alternate dimension and there is a huge plot for who will be in control of the fantasy land. I want to say that at some point a moonstone is involved? but that might be wrong.

(possible spoilers?) The grandfather might be trapped in that world, or maybe its the parents they thought were dead. Somehow this family might be heirs to the throne or something.

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Blair Smith | 4 comments Sounds very much like it, but this is too new. I was read this book in the 1990s. Thanks!!

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Blair Smith | 4 comments No, wait. There is an article about this in the NYT in 1984, so it had obviously already been published! Yes, this is it!!

Thank you so much!!

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Mai | 1276 comments I think Allison found your book... According to Amazon the library binding edition is from 1983

The description of the books sounds like yours!
"Determined to save their grandparents, the children follow detective Ladybug through the moon's reflection in a river where they fall into Other World"

EDIT: I didn't see your post #4. This sounds like a cool book for my nephews! I'll add it to my gift list :-)

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Blair Smith | 4 comments Yes, thanks. Apparently I was just looking at a newer edition. This has been solved! Many years of searching can finally stop!
I don’t know how or if I can move this to the solved page without being at a computer. But it’s ready to relocate!

Cheers, and happy reading to all.

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