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From the Borderlands: Stories of Terror and Madness (Borderlands, # 5)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. A piece of the face of god / Short story in horror anthology. [s]

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Ashley Stokes | 2 comments I read this story many years ago, and believe it was in a horror anthology with various authors. The plot centers around a man who discovers some of his fortunes and misfortunes in life have come from his having a piece of the face of god. This causes people he meets to behave differently around him than they would with others. They open up to him, talk about their problems openly with him, and may rethink dangerous, violent, or illegal behaviors once looking upon his face. The conflict of the story begins when a person or being offers to relieve him of this burden.

I have been searching for this story off and on for years, and recently met someone who had read it as well (but of course did not know the name or author). This reignited my google searches with no success. I know the horror/thriller anthology it was located in included many famous authors, and was not a rare or obscure publication. I believe it would have been released in the 80's, though it could have been the early 90's.

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Ayshe | 4327 comments "Rami Temporalis" by Gary A. Braunbeck from From the Borderlands: Stories of Terror and Madness?

Someone was searching for it here (may have spoiler): https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

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Ashley Stokes | 2 comments This is it! Thank you so much!

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