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Gathering Blue
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Medieval Fantasy. Low born girl Is employed by nobles to weave/embroider a fine robe. Her talents in this are beyond extraordinary (possibly magical). She creates a robe with extreme detail and beauty. [s]

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message 1: by Drew (new)

Drew | 2 comments I read this book 8-5 years ago and remember very little about it. What I do remember I will put in here.
Genre - Fantasy
Setting - medieval
Main character - 13 to 15 year old girl with incredible (possibly even magical) ability to weave (or it may have just been embroidery). She is orphaned and comes from a poor village but her due to her skills she now works and lives in the local lords keep/castle.

Plot points I remember:

She lived with her mother in a one room house they had built themselves ( may have baby brother but I think that’s a different book ). Her mother died due to a plague like illness and the house was burned down along with everything in it. The woman in the village turned the lot into a play pin for their kids.

The girl was tasked with weaving a robe for some important noble. The robe needed to reflect to story of the people. She created it in the most beautifully vibrant colors. In particular I remember the color yellow. She wove fields of golden wheat so realistic you could see the blow in the breeze.

There may have been a which who lived in a hut outside of town that taught the girl to grow herbs and the like.

There was a dye maker obsessed with making a very special and specific color of purple (or it was an entirely new color and my brain just pictured purple) for the fabrics. He had special glasses or some sort of magical ability that let him see the exact portions of primary colors making up his dye so he could make it very particular.

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Amanda (misterfive) | 203 comments Maybe Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry?

message 3: by Drew (new)

Drew | 2 comments Yes this is the book I was thinking of! Thank you!

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