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message 1: by Sasha (new)

Sasha Hey everyone,
In my understanding, e-readers are quite commonly spread in the US. Here, they are absolutely not. And I am intrigued with them.

Do any of you own a e-reader? Or are you completely against it? Other findings?

message 2: by new_user (last edited Aug 17, 2009 10:56AM) (new)

new_user I don't like some of the proprietary software and over-invasive DRM tech, so if I got an ereader it wouldn't be either of the two big labels. Still a bit too expensive though. I'm happy just reading from a phone or iPod.

message 3: by Julianna (new)

Julianna (authorjuliannad) | 654 comments I guess you could say that I used to be anti e-books. I just much prefer the feel of a real book in my hands when reading, but when I discovered that there were some books that aren't available in print format, I started to wonder if I was missing out. I finally broke down and asked for an e-reader for Mother's Day. After my hubby and I did tons of research, we decided on the slightly older model of the Sony Reader, in part because it supports non-DRM files. It took me a while to get used to it, but once I did, I've been happy with it. That said, I've hardly used it anyway.:-)

message 4: by Dalene (new)

Dalene I got me a Kindle for Christmas last year. I absolutely love it. The best part is that if you go on a trip you can take several books and not worry about weight. However, as Julie said, I still do love a feel of a book in my hand and not all books are on the Kindle.

message 5: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne | 286 comments Sasja wrote: "Hey everyone,
In my understanding, e-readers are quite commonly spread in the US. Here, they are absolutely not. And I am intrigued with them.

Do any of you own a e-reader? Or are you complete..."

I'm in the UK and we have the sony e-reader and iPod touch or iPhone, but no kindle, this is because amazon and the mobile phone companies cannot come an agreement about ownership/ distribution rites. I understand that the regulations surrounding wireless broad band are quite stringent in the rest of europe which means that you may have to wait sometime before you can get you hands on a kindle etc. Are you able t o buy/download e-books from other sites? (sorry if you've mentioned this in an earlier post) amazonuk will not stock any e-books because of the issues surrounding kindle, but I think if you play around with google you may find e-books stores who will allow you to purchase for download to adobe digital:) But from experience you cannot buy from US on-line stores as the copyrites for the books will only go to a US IP address and also most US sites wil not accept non US credit cards:( After much diliberation I'm waiting for a kindle as most of he books I want are distributed thru Amazon anyway and I'm assumming (maybe incorrectly) that the US booklist will come over to the UK.

message 6: by new_user (new)

new_user Hey, Adrienne, have you tried WHSmith? Probably not cheaper than Amazon but worth a shot, LOL.

message 7: by Sasha (new)

Sasha I think I found a website in which books could be bought in pdf, the format is Adobe ePub. But then again, maybe it is only for a specific e-reader.

I'm interested in an e-reader from the Netherlands (me being from Belgium), because I too think it will take a while before the Kindle can be used in Europe.

message 8: by Kristina (new)

Kristina | 778 comments While at Starbucks this morning, I noticed a gentleman using a Sony e-reader. So of course I had to talk to him. He said it doesn't flicker, there's no glare and it can use a SD card. He said he usually waits to buy best sellers about 6 months after they're released because they go down in price. His e-reader even had a nifty backlight option. The controls seemed easy to use and he said he preferred the controls over what kindle offers. I so want an e-reader!

message 9: by southpaw285 (new)

southpaw285 I bought a Kindle in July and I absolutely love it. Again, I was one that just had to have the book in my hands.

message 10: by K. (new)

K. (kodoharty) | 101 comments Oh - This is one of my favorite subjects (LOL!). I love, love, love my Kindle. I'd never have another dead tree book if I had my choice. I can't stand "clutter," (just too many "objects" in the house to dust in general drives me nuts), so this is the answer to my prayers. Hubby bought me the Kindle as a surprise gift a little over a year ago now, and whenever I have to read from a physical book because it's not available on Kindle (yet), it drives me nuts. The Kindle in it's cover is like holding a book without the inconveniences (no stiff spine issues that only make me want to crease the book too much to keep it open, which wrecks the book). Plus you can read on your side in bed and never have to hold your arm up to view the opposite page; the book props up on the table so you can read and eat; and if I'm cold and cuddled down on the couch with a throw blanket up to my chin . . . I don't even have to bring my hand out from under the blanket to turn the page. LOL - Ya, lots of weird conveniences you don't realize that add to the "comfort" and ultimate enjoyment of reading (my favorite entertainment).

I've discussed this topic a lot on line at the Aamzon forums, and just FYI, the expense of the Kindle is paid for in the reduction (average of $1-2 dollars off each book) fairly quicky if you are a regular reader. Additionally there are a lot more books available that are non-print books, and the "I want to read this book in Kindle" button that Amazon has WORKS! I've put something on my wish list there, clicked the button for Kindle, and a couple of months later it was available on Kindle. Brand new hardback releases can be up to half the price immediately, and OOP books are available a lot of times in Kindle format.

Text format, and (unprotected) mobipocket (which I've found at most on-line e-book providers) works without any conversion on Kindle. Pdf. format books are easily converted to text straight from Adobe (Reader even), and/or can be sent to Amazon by e-mail for a conversion. There's TONS of ways to have the book you want on Kindle from other sites . . . except Harlequin! (LOL - I can't seem to crack their protections!)

Anyway, I think that Kindle will probably be available soon internationally (as they are bound to strike a deal if the commerce is there). From all I've seen around the boards, a lot of international customers are interested. Although I live in the U.S., I'm not in an area that is serviced by Sprint, which is the wireless distributor here, so all of my books are downloaded via my computer (unless I'm traveling) which is the only time I'd really want to use the wireless feature anyway (my computer is much faster with both shopping and downloading of books).

Sorry I've gone on (and ON! LOL!) about the Kindle, but I hate the "falacies" that are spread around about it. It's a wonderful product. I couldn't be happier with mine. Lately I've been on a moritorium from using it in an effort to reduce my paper books (I've got about 80 on my TBR right now (too many!).) It's KILLING ME to read so many paper books in a row! My Kindle is "calling" to me. LOL! :D

Thanks for indulging my "rave" everyone. :)

message 11: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne | 286 comments NU....I seem to remember looking at one site and seeing a number of titles that I was looking for WHSmiths maybe the one. Thanks for jogging my memory:)

Sasja....BooksonBoard is one I found too. Is it the UK site? or is there a european one?

K...I'm all for new tech, when the E books first came out I was sceptical, but hey, the two formats can sit quite happily side by side, plus paperbacks go really c****Y after a few years, discolouration, spine damage etc but once they're on a reader they're there to stay (hopefully). Plus I believe everyone has to move with the times.

message 12: by Sasha (last edited Aug 25, 2009 11:07PM) (new)

Sasha Adrienne: I found the site through an e-reader producer from the Netherlands, so I think it is a site for euro-using countries. But maybe you van change the currency?

If I would have come upon them on a normal week, I would have been anti. Simply because I love books. But I found them in a week where I dragged a 500-pages, big paperback with me. I had back pains all week (I also had to drag other stuff with me for school; laptop and college courses and stuff). So I was immediately a fan, although I think I would probably try to find the novel in book too. Because I'm just that big of a bookfreak...

message 13: by Adrienne (last edited Aug 25, 2009 11:48PM) (new)

Adrienne | 286 comments Sasja.. I was reading from my computer so I bought a novella,(one I'd been desperate to read from the Mills and Boon Spice site). If I can't trans it to Kindle I'll buy it again, at the moment I'm reluctant to buy a full length novel just incase I can't transfere it, plus don't think i could copy with eye strain and not having a *moble* book.

message 14: by Sasha (new)

Sasha I'm totally in love with this e-reader...
(no sound)

message 15: by Julianna (new)

Julianna (authorjuliannad) | 654 comments Although the Cybook in that video looks like it's smaller, it appears to have some similarities in design to the Sony Reader.

message 16: by Wendy T (new)

Wendy T The new Sony EReader that where released this week, are light because what I heard they are more plastic then the one I have. I've been trying to find the site I see the new ones from yesterday, but can't find the news release.

message 17: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 1184 comments Thoroughly pleased Kindle owner here! I had an RCA/Gemstar eBook and was devastated when they discontinued support of the device. I thought long and hard about getting a Kindle, and finally couldn't stand it any longer and ordered one in November 2008. I received my Kindle 1 in early December, and have rarely put it down since ... there are a few books I wanted to read that were only available in DTB (dead tree book) editions, but more and more Kindle versions are appearing, including many for low or no cost. I'm even considering a Kindle DX, once I've finished paying for my vacation.

message 18: by Sasha (last edited Aug 27, 2009 11:31AM) (new)

Sasha Ow god... That new Sony Reader Touch thing is a beauty...

message 19: by Emma (new)

Emma Holtrust (emma_holtrust) | 26 comments Never heard of it before! Looks interesting but I just can't give up on books. Walking through bookstores, buying them,... . But for vacation, I might considere it!

message 20: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 1184 comments Emma wrote: " But for vacation, I might considere it!"

Vacation is where I won't take it because I consider it too expensive and precious of a toy to risk ... I'd rather just take a couple of expendable paperbacks that I can just leave where I finish them.

Kind of funny position, considering that I have no hesitation in taking a $2K laptop on vacation with me.

message 21: by Emma (new)

Emma Holtrust (emma_holtrust) | 26 comments stormhawk wrote: " Vacation is where I won't take it because I consider it too expensive and precious of a toy to risk ... I'd rather just take a couple of expe..."

Never looked at it from that perspective... Ok, the e-reader is just not for me then lol!

message 22: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 1184 comments I won't read it in the bathtub, either!

message 23: by K. (new)

K. (kodoharty) | 101 comments LOL Stormhawk! I actually read about one Kindle user who said they put their Kindle in a plastic ziplock bag so that they could read in the bathtub!! CRAZY!! Although I'm not too concerned about taking it on vacay . . . I don't think I would go THAT far! :D

message 24: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 1184 comments I'm thinking that the ziplock thing is a really good idea, but I'd probably be more inclined to get a kayaking dry-bag ... or maybe one of those vacuum sealers. hmmmm.

message 25: by Sasha (new)

Sasha I wonder when the first death by accidentally tossing a Kindle in the bathtub, will occur :D

message 26: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 1184 comments Only possible death would result from the Kindle Owner strangling whatever idiot threw it into the tub.

A dry cell rechargeable battery won't even give you a mild thrill when it hits water!

message 27: by [deleted user] (last edited Aug 30, 2009 09:24AM) (new)

Two great sites for multiformat ebooks are and . Also, you can usually buy multiformat books directly from the epub's sites. I have a trusty, old ebookwise. It was great for a first e-reader, but I think I'm going to upgrade to one of the new Sony readers. The PRS-300 is looking pretty good right now, and it's price is fairly reasonable.

message 28: by Sasha (new)

Sasha stormhawk wrote: "Only possible death would result from the Kindle Owner strangling whatever idiot threw it into the tub.

A dry cell rechargeable battery won't even give you a mild thrill when it hits water!"

Owkey, didn't knew that one :D

message 29: by K. (new)

K. (kodoharty) | 101 comments And don't forget everyone with any type of e-reader, you can choose from 30,000 classic public domain books for free download at Project Gutenberg, and they're available in multiple formats, languages and to multiple countries. There's books in here that are favorites for everyone! :) Here's the site link:

message 30: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Stroube | 2393 comments Mod
There's a NEW ebook reader!!!!
You can preorder it from Barnes and Noble, and it is called the "Nook". It costs $259. You can actually share your ebooks with friends. You just send them the ebook, and they keep it for 14 days. After that 14days the ebook gets sent back to you! I think I am in love...!

message 31: by new_user (new)

new_user Ooooh. @.@

message 32: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne | 286 comments Oh sounds interesting...I wonder if this is being made available b/c amazon now have an international agreement for kindle? makes the B&N product more desireable , eapecially if it too eventually becomes available internationally...just a thought haha

message 33: by Sasha (new)

Sasha A full-color touchscreen? Damn...

message 34: by Sasha (new)

Sasha Ow I get it now, the screen is separated in 2 different screens, one color touchscreen, and one e-ink screen.

message 35: by Dina (new)

Dina (missdina) Oooh, I like this new eReader from B&N! Too bad it isn't available outside of the U.S. yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. I hope this new competition forces eReaders' prices to go down. :)

message 36: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 617 comments Oh I would love on! My biggest issue with e-readers is the price of the books though. I feel like without the cost of actual paper and binding times however many copies they do that for should reduce the price of the book. I really don't want to be paying $10 for a book when they are saving quite a bit of money. And maybe if e-readers really catch on they will reduce book costs because they will be able to reduce overall physical book production. At the moment though I think e-books are over priced.

message 37: by Dina (new)

Dina (missdina) And I've been hearing some complaints about editing errors in e-books lately, so they're definitely over-priced. Not only they don't spend any money with producing and distributing the physical book, it looks like they don't spend anything with editors too. :(

message 38: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 617 comments That's too bad :(. I'd be much more tempted to shell out the money for an e-reader if it was going to save me money in the long run.

message 39: by Adrienne (last edited Oct 21, 2009 09:05AM) (new)

Adrienne | 286 comments Here in the UK Sony dropped the price of their reader about a month ago, probably b/c they'd got wind about kindle, altho the press over here haven't really been plugging it (kindle) much , they go to bookstores and interview the staff about e-books,like the staff are going to say "yeah fantastic" ! they kind of make out that nobody wants e-readers. It annoys me so much b/c the emphasis should be on READING no matter what the format. Also the message from Apple staff is really negative about e-books yet you can read them on Itouch! I'm now pondering what to do as most of the books I like are on Amazon yet even amazon uk aren't spillingvery forthcoming about purchasing e-books from them.

message 40: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Stroube | 2393 comments Mod
My Dad bought me the Nook for my bday! I haven't picked it up from his house yet, but I'll let everyone know what I think soon! :)

message 41: by Jackie M (new)

Jackie M | 452 comments Wow what a great gift!! Enjoy.

message 42: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thenightowl) I'm jealous! I've been eyeing the Nook ever since it came out. I'm hestitate to spend that much on a reader though when I have books at home and the library where I can get stuff for free.

message 43: by Storm (new)

Storm (stormgerlock) I'm a HUGE fan of Barnes and Noble, like I basically live there, and I was kinda the same as a bunch of you and thought that electronic readers were putting publishers out of business and making libraries useless (another place I live) so I was against them. I was looking at the Nook and read this thread and now I really want one.

My birthday was last week so I got a bunch of money and so I made a deal with my parents that if I paid for the majority of it they would pay for the rest so now I'm getting one!

Barnes and Noble also has a bunch of free e-books and they will be adding more as time goes on.

message 44: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Stroube | 2393 comments Mod
That's true that Barnes and Noble has free ebooks. Plus you can get free ebooks on many other sites and use those ebooks with the nook! My library offers free ebooks on their site, so I will be taking advantage of that. :) Plus most of the ebooks from Barnes and Noble that you buy are a reasonable price. They have some for .99 cents and some for $2.99. Most of their recently released books are $9.99, but the rest of their books are mostly under $7. :)

The Nook has a lot of features that the Kindle does not offer, and it is the same price...That was a big part of the reason why I wanted it. I can't wait to pick it up from my Dad's! I have a feeling it is going to be my new favorite gadget. hehehe Best gift EVER! :)

message 45: by Storm (new)

Storm (stormgerlock) Yeah, I choose a lot the Nook for a lot of the same reasons as you but I have this crazy loyalty to barnes and noble. I also am a barnes and noble member so it actually is cheaper for me to get the nook than the kindle.

I'm soooo excited.

message 46: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 1184 comments I hope you enjoy your Nook as much as I love my Kindle. A lot of people talk about the ebook from the library thing, but there is so much free content for the Kindle that I don't know if I'd ever hit a library anyway.

I suspect that first time Nookers will love the Nook better, and first time Kindlers the Kindle better ... I do wish all this weren't being played like VHS vs. Beta format wars.

I think I would find the color index on the bottom of the screen very distracting, and it does limit the size of your "page." I would be interested in knowing if you can turn the touch feature off while you are reading to prevent accidental page turning or switching your book just because you bump that area.

message 47: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Stroube | 2393 comments Mod
I went out to breakfast with my Dad for my bday, and he brought me my Nook. I've only been playing around with it for about an hour, but I am already in LOVE!!!! However, I have never used a kindle so I can't say which is better. Later this month I am getting together with my Aunt and she has the Kindle 2. We're going to compare, so I should be able to give you a better opinion of whether the Kindle or Nook is better.

I will say this though...usually touch screens annoy me, but with the Nook it isn't annoying me at all. :)

message 48: by Storm (new)

Storm (stormgerlock) Yay! I'm excited. The only problem is they are sold out and I have to wait for January 15 to get mine....sad but I still can't wait.

message 49: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Stroube | 2393 comments Mod
Rose wrote: "Yay! I'm excited. The only problem is they are sold out and I have to wait for January 15 to get mine....sad but I still can't wait."

Yeah, I got lucky. My Dad pre-ordered mine in October otherwise I would have had to wait too. Let me know when yours arrives. :)

message 50: by Storm (new)

Storm (stormgerlock) I will, I'm so excited. It will be the first time I've ever had an electronic reading device. I've already set up my barnes and noble account and I've been getting free e-books. I'm going to be fully stocked by

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