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Book Buzz (book_buzz) | 206 comments Mod
Hi, all
Any interesting summer reads to share?

I'm currently listening to an audiobook of The Nobodies Album by Carolyn Parkhurst. I'm really liking it. It's about a novelist whose rock star son is accused of murdering his girlfriend. Mother and son have been estranged for several years and this horrible situation gives them a chance to reconnect.

Throughout the book, the fictional novelist gives excerpts of her latest work. She's decide to revisit her previously published books and rewrite the endings.

As always, I have mixed feelings about the audiobook format. It would be nice to go back and study the excerpts of her books more closely, which I would do if I were reading.

message 2: by gourmetkat (new)

gourmetkat (goodreadscomgourmetkat) | 53 comments I have been listening to the early Agatha Christie novels as audiobooks. They are so much fun! I just listen to them when I am in transit. The rest of the time I read "real" books (or Kobo, or Kindle).

Agatha Christie has one of the narrators say about Hercule Poirot something like "he had a lot of virtues but modesty wasn't one of them". Yesterday I listened to the start of Murder in the Vicarage in which a bunch of older women are talking about how it is not appropriate for a young single woman to work as a secretary to an older man. They are staying at the same hotel and all the bedrooms are on the same floor!

The other book I am reading now (a "real" book) is by Charlotte Link, a German bestselling thriller writer. I'm reading it to practice my German, but I also really enjoy her books.

message 3: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda | 1 comments There's this one specific audio book narrator called Julian Whelan I particular enjoy! Currently, I'm listening to The Collector, which has been quite interesting so far. I've listened to her Bluff, The Lonely Hearts Hotel and The Wife Between Us, all very enjoyable!

Quite often, I'd listen to the audio book during work commute, and read the real thing when I get time. I find I get through a book a lot faster this way :P

emily has moved to the storygraph (readbooksplayboardgames) | 1 comments My favourite type of audio books is light non-fiction. Recently listened to Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism on Libby app during my commute and thoroughly enjoyed it. There is a disadvantage on missing the pictures in the book though.

The book is slightly repetitive at times so occasionally losing attention when the audio is still playing is still ok. I have tried audio book that are denser like Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind and Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt, and it was very difficult to follow.

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