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Julie I just finished this book yesterday. I thought that it was really good. There were twists that I never saw coming and others that I saw a mile away. What did you think of the book? The very end definitely made me wonder!

Julia I thought it was really good! I agree, the twists were great! I also found it to be a rather quick read. It kept me engaged enough that I finished it pretty quick.

Jessica Ackerman I was captivated the entire book and enjoyed it but the ending was confusing to me...

Alexandra I didn't like it at all. I found characters implausible, plot twists silly and predictable, the language unbearable. I am still surprised the book with almost 4 stars is actually that bad.

Julia I’m surprised that you found it predictable. There were a few things that were obvious but it definitely had twists I didn’t see coming!

Alexandra Well, I kept my focus on each story line when it was presented so it was quickly obvious when one character's voice from one storyline didn't match the other one. Also, I stuck to the rule that a villain in such books is always camouflaged and all minor characters often play some major roles. Then it was a question of exception who could do something major and then what other characters did of the major part was already taken. Although, because there are many loose ends - some characters are mentioned but never play a role, some objects are mentioned but are never used - there are some connections that I thought would happen but they didn't, the characters and objects just slipped away from the plot.

Susan This book was so good - and at the end - I was like - what? Very well written!

Jackie Huerta Before reading the book I saw a few reviews saying that the end left them with their jaw on the floor, which made me so excited to read this book and finish it ASAP to see what the fuss was all about, but I have to say I wasn't too impressed with the ending. It was definitely a good read and I recommend it, but the bigger twists are throughout the book rather than in the end. 8.5/10

Robin now that i have finished i find it interesting to see how some people thought it was crazy and unpredictable and others thought it was predictable. i didn't see a few of the twists coming and several of me theories were completely wrong so i guess i fall into floored by some of the twists/ didn't find it too predictable group.

Nadira Alisha Helppp im confused about a twist in the book.. Why did taylor/amber ripped out a diary page that says "taylor told me to do it" ? Does it mean amber/taylor was the one who told claire to burn down her house? But i remember taylor/amber didnt aknow anything whrn claire light up the match aand started burning the house down. Thank you

Susan Nadir- I think you are correct- I believe that was a huge twist!

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Phyllis I’m still confused about the appearance of the gold bracelet at the end. Others thoughts?

Yvonne Savage I was a bit undecided about this book. It was easy to read but having finished it its not a book I would rave about.

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ag Berg I was intrigued at the start and was enjoying it. I was thinking it would turn out differently, but I guess that’s how thrillers roll! She lost me in the end and I didn’t bother to flip back to try to figure out who was who, and what was what. By the end I felt like I’d wasted my time by reading it.

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ag Berg Phyllis wrote: "I’m still confused about the appearance of the gold bracelet at the end. Others thoughts?"


Susan The movie is being made- starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as Amber!

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Betty White Susan wrote: "The movie is being made- starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as Amber!"

I read it will be a TV series.

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