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Ryder (Slater Brothers, #4)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance: story about a longtime couple. Hero is involved in some crime investigation and he is trying to keep it from the heroine, resulting to heroine thinking that the hero doesn’t love her anymore. [s]

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Momo | 2 comments Hi! I read this book last 2016, and i think it is the last book of a series (Im not sure, did not read the other books though). I think the story starts with the heroine leaving for work (waiting for the bus) and sees the hero looking at her through the window. The heroine works as a nurse, hero works with his brothers (owns a company). Hero is involved in some crime investigation (he is doing it in the exchange for jail time) and heroine doesnt know about it. Heroine thinks that hero doesnt love her anymore (keeping his distance, long nights, not talking to her). This is all i can remember from the story. Hope you can help me! Thanks in advance!

Amanda | 109 comments Ryder by L.A. Casey

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Momo | 2 comments Thank you so much!!!

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Kris | 34325 comments Mod
Glad you found your book, Jona. Here's the link for Amanda's find - Ryder by L.A. Casey.

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