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What published version is the best to read?

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Bogdan Hello, mates.
First of all, I've read all the FH Dune books, so this is not one of those questions regarding the quality of writing or which order to read them in. What I was wondering is what would be the best published version to read? I was looking for an edit with nice fonts, good spacing, okay paper quality, good length/width etc. I'm asking because I really hate cramped and small fonts and I'd love to have these books brand new and easily readable (the copies I read are a little beaten up by now).
Thanks a bunch. Cheers!

Scott The newest paperback printing (listed on the copyright page as "Ace Premium") has a larger font and bigger spacing, but it also makes the book look fat.

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Ian I like the edition that came out in the 1980s with this cover:
https://www.goodreads.com/book/photo/... . They continue in that style for the sequels, up to God Emperor at least.

OK so they are the ones I saw first, but they will always be "my" Dune editions.

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