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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Girl with unique powers (Empty Ones), bad fae, kidnapping, secret organization. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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M Shinyama (shinkamalei) | 2 comments So I read this sometime in my mid-late teens. Approximately a decade ago (2005-2010). There is a book called Empty Ones. IT IS NOT THIS! The main character is kept in isolation for the most part except for when she goes on missions. I know she is called an Empty One. They are coined this by the fae though I do not remember if they call them fae, faeries or fairies in the story.

I know where the girl resides is inside a secret organization base. The way to the fae is through a very dangerous bridge between worlds.


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It is YA. Multiple books in this series but I just need to find the name of the first.

Their powers are seeing the power inside of things and stealing it. Like their life force or their energy.

It seemed more modern. I believe that had cell phones and tech. I reside in America and read it in English. I believe I read this in a hard copy (paperback) but I read so many books now on Kindle they kind of blur together.

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Mai | 1276 comments Paranormalcy by Kiersten White? (Book one of the Paranormalcy trilogy) Published in 2010, I think.

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M Shinyama (shinkamalei) | 2 comments YES!! I love you! Thank you!!

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