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Hi Everyone,

I am Janine and Lisa was nice enough to make me a Mod because I brought an idea to her, that I hope you will all like. The idea is to put together a list of Kindle (and Nook books if that is possible to do) that people are willing to share with others. Personally I don't have a very big book budget so I am weary of buying books from Authors I never heard. With sharing of our books we can help each other in that sense or maybe somebody has that book we are just dying to read but haven't been able to get our hands on yet.

I know that it is pretty easy to share on Kindle and I will start a folder for the Kindle sharing with step by step instructions, along with the list of rules and the books I have that to share.

Also Lisa asked me to do the Series of the Month book, though Lisa saved me from posting this months book of Petticoat Ranch. This is a wonderful book full of laughter and determination if anyone hasn't read it yet. I loved it and this gives the perfect excuse to reread it yet again LOL.

For the Nook readers if you know if the books can be shared will you please let me know and how it is to be done.

Thank you and I look forward to getting to know you all more over the time here with the group :D

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Linda Bourg | 344 comments Mod
Hey Janine you got my name wrong LOL it's Linda, but hey i have been called Lisa a few times in my life.. but that's ok. I like your idea's and look forward to working with ya.
God Bless :)

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Oh geez I wonder where I got Lisa from then. I guess a Lisa was praying for me somewhere I thank them for that. I am looking forward to working with you as well.

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By the way everyone I am an organizer type person and will be going through and creating folders and moving posts around. I am not trying to upset anyone just trying to organize the posts so that things are easy are to find.

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Brenda Roberson I have not had any trouble. Just hope the "shuffling" doesn't make it more difficult for me. I use an iPhone vs a computer. Right now if there is a post I just tape on the highlight and it takes me directly to the comment. As long as it will still do that then I'm ok with "organizing".

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Brenda then please let me know if you have any problem. Actually I have started the organizing so if you could see if you can get to my reading list, under the personal reading list folder, I would appreciate it. That way I know if everything is going to work out the same way or if I need to stop and just work on the future posts :D. Thanks so much

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Brenda Roberson I can't even find any Personal Reading List Folders.

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Brenda do you see any folders under the general folder at all? I ask because I don't know if maybe I am organizing the group as a whole or just for me? I have never used an iPad but I do have the android app where at the bottom of the group start page there is a list of all the folders. I dont want to make it hard to find anything for anyone and since you are the first to speak up I am asking you for the help. I hope you dont mind.

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Brenda Roberson I finally found them but I had to go looking for them. Like I said if I tap on the highlight and it takes me to the comment there won't be a problem. I hate to say anything but why is everything being "organized" now? Were other people having trouble with the way it was?

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I ask Linda if I could for I personally found it frustrating but since you are having an issue I wonder if others will do, so maybe I should move everything back and when the new year start with a new challenge then do it so wont be such a problem for I really didn't think about all the different apps and how they may not work at the same way for them all. Ok I moved my list back to the general discussion out of the folder. Can you see if you can see it. It should be about the forth topic down. It is no longer in a folder so I want to make sure that by moving things back that I am not making things worse

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Brenda Roberson Yes I saw your list. The only problem I have is it makes me have to go out of one section into a different section with the new way. It may be easier on a computer but for me it was getting very confusing. I am fairly new and had just gotten to know where things were and then they were being moved. I hate being such a pain but I think when the new year starts would be a much better idea.

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Hey you are not a pain for if you are having a problem, then I am sure others might too. I honestly didn't think about all the different apps and how they may not work the same way. So it is no problem to move all the posts back. It was a thought and idea that I hoped would work but apparently not at this time anyway :D. Nothing ventured nothing gained is my opinion.

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Brenda Roberson Thanks Janine. I do think come January with new challenges then new folders can be made. This way they are something new and we can all get to know a new system then instead of having to unlearn an old system just to learn another way. Did that make sense?

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Yep and it is only what another 5 months LOL. I am almost done moving everything back so no worries :D

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