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The Ghost by the Sea
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Young girl died on a small boat (sailing) the book is set years later, maybe a mystery and/or ghosts? [s]

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Mathilda | 4 comments I read this book perhaps 10 years ago? The cover might be sepia, or black and white.
I think MC moved to seaside town (possibly in England) and is young (I think a young girl). There is a mystery of a young girl who died many years earlier, but maybe people think that she survived and sailed away? The girl who died had an older brother, who I think might have been involved in her death in some way? Very vague memories about this book, but it has been bothering me for a while. I really associate the song "Sail Away Sweet Sister" by Queen with this book, it sort of captures the theme/feeling of it?

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Kris | 36568 comments Mod
Mathilda, is this book for young adults (teens) or older adults?

What's the time period? Any references to technology?

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Mathilda | 4 comments Kris - I can’t really remember, I think it might be for older kids/teens (I was like 11 when I read it I think). As for technology, I have no idea, but I think the later perspective was like ”today” and the older perhaps 50 years ago or something, not older than 100.

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Mathilda | 4 comments Holly - Thank you, it’s very similar, but it’s not the same from what I read in reviews and the synopsis.

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Mathilda | 4 comments Kym - Thank you! That’s the one!!!

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Kym | 1058 comments You’re welcome Mathilda.

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