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Winter (winter9) | 4720 comments This is the discussion thread for Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng Chapter 16-20

Zoë Neo | 214 comments Finished the book this morning. The ending definitely left me wanting more and to see whether Izzy finds Mia.

Very glad I read this book, and it did live up to the hype for me.

Jennifer | 95 comments I was frustrated with the ending of the book. I wanted to know more—does Pearl ever meet her father and if so what was his reaction. How does Izzie’s story end? Is it ever revealed that Lexie is the one who had an abortion. I still enjoyed it but there were too many things left hanging.

Suaad (I just want a cat) (suaadijustwantacat) I loved the book!! Actually I don't mind the open ending because it feels more fitting for the characters..hopefully that's understandable xD

Can't wait for the tv show to come out, it will be great!

Rachelnyc | 170 comments I read this a few months ago and I probably would have liked this book more if there wasn't so much hype around it.

I like Celeste Ng's writing style but I thought she went a little overboard with her depiction of Shaker Heights as some sort of utopia. I mean, we get it, everyone and everything there is perfect...I also didn't love how she continued in that vein by referring to the Shaker Heights elite as Mr. and Mrs. as opposed to their first names. I thought it was extremely pretentious and it kept distracting me.

I was fascinated by the adoption plotline and could really see both sides. What a heartbreaking situation for everyone involved.

Kendall Gardt (kendallgardt) | 9 comments I’m also frustrated with this book because I want to know more about Izzy and Pearls lives. I get that it’s all a new start so let’s like unravel that. Can there be another one??

Lynn | 297 comments I didn't love this book but I finished it finally. There was so much hype about it; maybe that's why I didn't love it lol

message 8: by SarahKat, Buddy Reads (new) - rated it 3 stars

SarahKat | 3389 comments I didn't like the end at all. I was hoping for some twists, like things aren't actually as they seemed regarding the opening scene or there was more to the story. But there wasn't.

I don't mind being frustrated at characters for being stupid, as long as it gets resolved at some point! Nothing was resolved at all. Very obnoxious.

Shanna I liked the open ending. I like to imagine for myself the possibilities, especially for Izzy.

message 10: by Joan (new) - rated it 4 stars

Joan Barnett | 887 comments I ended up rating it 4 stars. I didn't mind the ending either. It kind of left me with hope for the characters. That Mrs. Richardson is something else though. You can see how she thinks she is helping everyone and she is really just keeping score to trade in her kindness for favors later.

Samantha | 11 comments So still trying to finish this book had a lot going on last month and the beginning of this month and with everything starting to wind down I think I can finish it today I’m on chapter 17 and as far as Mia running away from the Ryan’s I wish she was upfront about it with them. I think Bebe will win the court case and if she doesn’t I hope she will at least will get visitations. I’m curious to see if pearl ever finds out about what Mia was going to do. The fact that Lexi used pearl name at the clinic irritated me. I started getting into it but Slowly dying out of it I’m hoping the last 50 pages are worth the read even tho everyone saying the ending sucked

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