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The Stars Never Rise (The Stars Never Rise, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA book with a character who has no body and thus possesses other people. [s]

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Esmeralda | 4 comments I read this book years ago and all I can remember is that there was this one girl who was saved by a group of teens and falls in love with one of the guys who saved her. The guy returns her feelings and upon returning to the place they are staying she finds out he has a girlfriend and is confused. Turns out that she fell in love with the guy? entity? that was possessing the guy and everyone in the group knows about this. She is told that he possesses other peoples bodies because he does not have one and its the only way to communicate with the others in the group.
That is all I can remember. Cant recall the title nor the author all i do remember is that it was a hardcover book.

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Esmeralda | 4 comments Jessica (Goldenfurpro) wrote: "Sounds like it could be The Stars Never Rise"

YES! Thank you. That's the book I've been trying to remember.

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