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The Merchant of Death (Pendragon, #1)
This topic is about The Merchant of Death
SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Y/A (Fantasy)? Maybe middle school) about a boy (probably) finds himself in another world. [s]

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M (saavethebees) | 7 comments I am not sure if I am remembering correctly, but I know that its about a girl and boy and they find themselves in another world via doors?

I know one thing though: LANGUAGE. One of the characters tells the main character that in order to understand what is being said, you have to try to not try so hard in trying to understand them. the MC i think argues or talks while still hearing the words but when he doesn't try hard, the words are suddenly being said in English.

I think its fantasy. UGH. i am so sorry that is the only thing i can remember.

It's been so long. i know i loved the series. I just can't remember!

Update: I remember reading this during high school which was 2008-2012, during my senior year I believe....I know there were several books already out and that the cover was black except for the front....

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M (saavethebees) | 7 comments Thank you for the suggestion, but no. :/

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Jessica Lewis (rather_be_reading) | 8 comments Dormia by Jake Halpern?

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M (saavethebees) | 7 comments No :/ but that sounds like a good book lol thank for the suggestion

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Aroosha (arooshaaf) | 14 comments The Merchant of Death (from Pendragon series) by D.J. MacHale?
I’m 100% sure about the language part.

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M (saavethebees) | 7 comments Omg Aroosha!!! Yes that's it!!!! Thank you so much omg .

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