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Alvin's Secret Code
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children's book about kids learning about codes. [s]

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Medlibrarian | 6 comments It's about codes and ciphers. There's a couple of kids (not teenagers) who meet a man who is possibly a neighbor. The man is an expert and explains how codes and ciphers are all around. He shows the kids how to create and break them. There's a bit where they're in a store and figure out that something is overpriced or outdated. There's also a plot where there's some kind of secret agent/spy action going on and I think the kids help save the man.

There may have been images of the codes and ciphers in the book, but I cannot be a 100% on that.

I read this in the mid to late 1970s.

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Mai | 1276 comments Alvin's Secret Code by Clifford B. Hicks? (hardcover book published in 1963)
Alvin's sixth sense tells him that the crumpled note holds a secret message in spy code, which is about to catapult the two seventh grade secret agents plus Alvin's younger sister Daphne, the Pest, into the intricacies of authentic code detection and the dangers of a newly stirred-up 100-year-old mystery.
Even Alvin's Magnificent Brain is nearly put on overload before the bang-up solution to the code and the mystery carry the three agents to an ending that is satisfying to all...well, to almost all. This classic tale from 1963 includes Alvin's own notes on cryptography in an appendix at the back.

Their neighbor, Mr. Link, helps them decode the message.

Medlibrarian | 6 comments Wow. This is the second title I've been trying for years to find.

This is totally the book.

Thank you so much!

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Mai | 1276 comments I Googled "children's book" "codes" "ciphers" "1970s" and the first result was another reader asking for a book that sounded like yours:
Several people answered "Alvin's Secret Code" so you can thank them :-)

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