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message 1: by Renata (last edited Jun 18, 2018 12:59PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

message 2: by Lorelei (new)

Lorelei (ielerol) | 13 comments Finn Fancy Necromancy is a fun urban fantasy book that's full of geeky 80s references. I haven't read the sequels, but the first book was definitely better than RPO.

Also, two of my grad school professors did ethnographic research on the extensive BDSM community in Second Life. I feel like there was not nearly enough kinky shit going on in Oasis.

message 3: by Meags (new)

Meags (meags09) | 19 comments I started reading this because my husband liked it and I made it maybe 2 chapters in and I was like... this is garbage. No thanks. Super weird that Wil Wheaton is the audio book narrator.

Rachel Lapidow | 2 comments The book is a fast read, but I would imagine that a true young adult might not get all the 80s references. It was also disappointing that practically none of the writers or artists he mentioned are women or POC.
I wonder if in 20 years we'll be reading a similiar book that waxes poetic on One Direction, Twilight books, and Marvel movies. And readers will be like, "those were the days."

message 5: by Kellie (new)

Kellie (ggosity) | 1 comments A lot of people I know liked this book and said it was fun and exciting. Nobody mentioned that "fun" and "exciting" meant descriptions of a guy standing at an arcade cabinet, playing an arcade game really well.

Nobody mentioned the extended sequence about masturbation, either, but maybe they read a different edition of the book than I did.

Rebecca (rekjackson) | 1 comments Lorelei wrote: "I feel like there was not nearly enough kinky shit going on in Oasis."

On the one hand, HARD AGREE. On the other hand, there was probably plenty of kinky shit going on in Oasis, and I am grateful for the small favor that at least we didn't have to read about THAT!

message 7: by Kori (new)

Kori Watson | 5 comments Honestly it could have been worse. You could have read Ready Player One for Girls. It’s real and it’s somehow worse.

Renata (renatasnacks) | 217 comments Mod
What! IT’S WHAT!

Is it this!!

Or something else with a different title??

message 9: by Meags (new)

Meags (meags09) | 19 comments I thought it was this which is hilarious also.

Renata (renatasnacks) | 217 comments Mod
“In a while, Totodile,” I said, which is a Pokémon. omg

message 11: by Meags (new)

Meags (meags09) | 19 comments This is the Quality Content (tm) that the internet provides.

message 12: by Meags (new)

Meags (meags09) | 19 comments I just finished Slay by Brittney Morris and it is a great “instead of” readers advisory for Ready Player One. It was well written with excellent stakes and I loved it.

Renata (renatasnacks) | 217 comments Mod
Ooh, good to hear! Slay has been on my TBR list for awhile. Hope it too gets a prestigious Spielberg treatment!

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