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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Trilogy about a boy who travels through space to other earth dimensions?? [s]

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Tiffany Spaulding (tspa85) | 3 comments I read a book a few years ago. It was probably a YA book. There was a boy and his name started with a “j”. He had a terrible sense of direction but that ended up being kinda funny cause he could actually navigate between different dimensions of earth and he joined up with a group of people like him and their names all started with a “j”. I’m pretty sure it was a “j” at least. Anyways, there were kinda like space pirates that wanted to steal the good peoples essence to power their huge ships. It was a trilogy. Any help would be appreciated! Sorry if I didn’t fill this out correctly! Thanks!!

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Andy Love | 2104 comments This is Neil Gaiman and Michael Reeves' series that starts with Interworld InterWorld

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Andy Love | 2104 comments The next two books are "The Silver Dream" and "Eternity's Wheel" (the hero is Joey Harker, and he works with Joe, Josie, etc.

Tiffany Spaulding (tspa85) | 3 comments Yes! Solved! Thank you!!

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Carlene (carlenemarie) | 21 comments I like Neil Gaiman. He wrote Stardust, which the movie is based on.

Tiffany Spaulding (tspa85) | 3 comments Is it really? I had no idea! I loved American Gods and The Anansi Brothers so that’s probably why I read this series. I must have been in one of my splurges of reading because I normally put everything in my Goodreads. Neil Gaiman is a great author.

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Andy Love | 2104 comments Glad to help you find your book. You can reshelve this thread into the SOLVED folder by clicking the "edit" button next to the title of the thread, by the way.

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