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This Book is So Cute!!!!

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AbigailDenyse01 God I have never read a contemporary novel before, but I will read all the books by Jennifer E. Smith. it was so Awesome I can't stop thinking About it!

AbigailDenyse01 Does anyone feel like this??

Gabriela Araujo I have read three books by this author and I fell in love with her writing style. Check out The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight (amazing, my favorite) and This is What Happy Looks Like, they're even better, in my opinion.

AbigailDenyse01 I was going to buy them but I ran out of money

Wendy Abigail, I completely agree with Gabriela. I love all three of the books, but the other two are even better.

Jirvin Grace Me too, I can't stop thinking about this book.

Katelyn Hughes I love this book! Long distance relationships don't work? Care to rethink?

Faith Limo Loved this book.
My review of it:

Melrose's I had read the 3 books and each book gave me different feeling and experience.

The Statistical probability of love at first sight - was heartbreaking because I felt her pain when she went to attend her father's wedding. He was remarrying someone she can't hate because she's nice to her not like the evil step mom in fairy tale's. I really cried when she describe how she felt watching her father happy while her mother at home. How tormented she was. How she took it all in when her father moved away and I really cried harder when her father said the reason why he left he quoted 'I fell in love'. I like their story Oliver being her anchor but she doesn't know Oliver was going through something difficult too. It was just fantastic to read. (My parents is not divorced and I honestly haven't seen them fight. They are 31 years happily married and this book made me realize how grateful I must feel.)

The Geography Of You and Me - I will not say it was bad and perfect either. I keep on reading it without complaining. It was kind of funny because they were so far away from each other but they kept faithful even they had each relationship. I had fun reading it but I like statistical better. The most adorable and favorite part for me is when they keep sending each postcard.

And finally, This Is What Happy Looks Like - for me it was light reading. The story is breezy, simple and cute. They were stranger to each other and got to know each other through mail. It was cute :D

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