Rogue (Real, #4) Rogue question

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Barbara Barbara Jul 31, 2014 02:35PM
Okay, I have a question and it may be a stupid one. Around 57% Grey says he's not safe, but clean because he wants to go bareback. Is he talking figuratively? I hope so because he fucks whores. That's just over the top nasty if he fucks whores bareback. Yuck! Any other opinions?

Yes - stop reading this book - that's my opinion - it was AWFUL... I loved Real, but this was a mess. Horrible writing. Hated that characters. Couldn't finish it.

I agree Paula, he was definitely referring to his lethal hotness when saying he wasn't safe, not his use of condoms or lack of. I too loved 'Rogue', Greyson and Mel and I thought Evans did a great job of writing this book as it was always going to be a difficult task after Remy.

Jessica Well said.
Aug 07, 2014 05:33AM · flag

In my opinion he was saying he was not "safe" due to the fact that he is a killer etc. not that he wasn't safe as a lover due to a lack of condoms with whores.

I loved this book and found it to be just as good as Katy's first three books in this series.

This book was fantastic. The only thing i wished it had a little more of was Remy LOL But who doesnt want more Remington Tate.

He was referring to being dangerous & not safe for her to be around because of his profession & what he is having to do for his father hoping to find out where his mother is. It's not about the sex he's had in the past. He says he is clean in that respect. And I liked that he still held off going bare until getting tested. I liked the book.

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