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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Book about a girl with a 3 date rule. [s]

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Skylar Agosto | 3 comments I read a book maybe back in 2014, and I wanted to read it again, only to realize I couldn’t remember the name of author’s name. I do remember that it’s about a girl that recently graduated college. She majored in architecture, and so did her boyfriend at the time, who was a baseball player. She caught him cheating on her before graduation and broke up with him. She starts a 3-date rule. She only goes out with a guy 3 times, and moves on to the next one. Until she meets one that she can’t stop seeing. I’m hoping someone can help me. Thank you

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Skylar Agosto | 3 comments I also remember that one of her best friends and roommates nickname was Pepper. She gets a book in the series too.

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Skylar Agosto | 3 comments Yes!! Thank you so much!!

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