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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. A book about dreams/some type of dreamworld??

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message 1: by Ob (new)

Ob | 2 comments I might be totally wrong but this is what I think I remember:
A door that led to a magical/dream/imaginary world.
A special pen that could draw/create in mid air (like a 3d printer).
At some point the characters are on a plantation(?) setting and there are these guys descibed as pig like and having almost translucent skin.
I don't remember anything else (like the actual plot)

It was fantasy/fiction. I believe it was YA because the main characters were young. I'm pretty sure the cover was black with a red slightly open door with light shining from behind it. Also I read this sometime between 2008-2011.

message 2: by Ob (new)

Ob | 2 comments Wow.. Never mind. After literal years of searching for this book I found it right after making this post.

It's 'The Dream Merchant' by Isabel Hoving

message 3: by Amanda (new)

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