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I love, when I come across a show that I have never heard of and it catches my attention. I am new to using Hoopla. Last Tuesday, I've gone on there, to see if they had Suzanne Brockmann book, Ready To Roll. I only wanted to check it out, because Sam and Alyssa make an appearance in the book. It's on audibook and I can't do audiobooks. I like to read a book. I only wanted to skim through the book, until I've found Sam and Alyssa's part. I wanted to see what they were up to.

Okay, enough of that, let me get down to what I have discovered last night on Hoopla and that is a French Detective Show called Detectives (French with English Subtitles: I don't like reading a movie or tv show, but I did this one.). It caught my attention, because not only was it the second TV Series listing under the television featured option, the cover displayed the picture of a black woman and white man - Sara Martins from Death In Paradise ( I loved her on that show and hated, when she left) and Philippe Lefebvre (I've never heard of him, until last night).

I was hooked from the series' description and when I have borrowed and downloaded episode one, I couldn't stop watching the show, but I did with epsidoe 4 and it was way pass 5 am, when I have finished watching that episode. I still had to get up for church. There is only 8 episodes in the series, well Season 2 has 8 episode as well. Both Hoopla and Amazon Prime don't have Season 2 yet. I don't have Amazon Prime. Thank goodness it's free on Hoopla. If you don't know about Hoopla, you will need a library card to use it. You can download the app from Play Store and if your library doesn't have Hoopla, ask them to get it. You can download books, music and tv shows to use offline. I like that, becasue I don't have the internet at home. I am borrowing a hotspot from the library that I have to return Tuesday. I will make sure, You can only borrow movies and tv series for 3 days.

Sara plays Nora, a former French Intelligence Officer. Philippe plays Philippe Roche. His family are private eyes, well, him, his dad and his daughter. He as two children. A son and daughter. The daughter is like 20 years old and the son is still in school. He is married, but his wife left him and his children. He is a ladies' man. Well, he does sleeps with two women, both job related. The second woman, he asked for Sara's permission. She'd pretended that she didn't care, but she did. I hate that they did this and I wish they didn't. There is brief nudity.

Trust me, Roche and Sara have super chemistry. I love the tension between the two of them. Even his family sees the chemistry. Upon meeting Sara for the first time, Roche's son asked her if she was going to marry his father.

Sara and Roche remains me of Alyssa and Sam minus the early dogging and hating one another. If you are a Sam and Alyssa fan, you might agree with me if you watch this series. If I am not mistaken it was in episode 5 - Roche wanted to know where Sara lived and she told him on the line of, if he knew where she lived that meant they have gone too far. (Gone Too Far: Title of Sam and Alyssa's book ). In an episode, where they are pretending to be a married couple trying to adpot a child, Roche calls Sara sweetie, she tells him not to call her that and then he replies with baby.

Sara and Roche are not an officially couple, but they are a couple. Just as Sam and Alyssa were a couple from the very first book they were introduced in - Unsung Hero. Lol, in the episode, where Roche gets Sara's permissiion to hook up with the woman they were trying to bring down, he kept saying Roger to comfirm things to Sara and that has gotten on her nerves.

Oh, let me mention that Sara has join Roche and Son's private eye company, well they have bascially started working for her, because she's the boss. Alyssa is Sam's boss.

Just like Sam kept trying to hook with Alyssa, Roche does the same with Sara. Trust me, he is focus on her. She's the one that's trying to play hard to get, but the family sees through that and Roche keeps flirting with her.

I have to bring the my hotspot back Tuesday. I hope someone watches all or some of the series, before then, so that we can discuss the show.

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Shirl In (shirlindc) | 25 comments Arch, great post. I am intrigued by your write up. I have Amazon Prime and I will look up the show...and watch it. I can't wait to get acquainted with the show. I just hope she does not mess around with both me. I will be anxious to discuss the show with you.

I"'ve never heard of Hoopla and I've not read the books you have mentioned. Will promptly look up both.

Im Shirl by the way. Thank you for your post and the plug.

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Shirl In (shirlindc) | 25 comments ahhh I made a mistake, Sam and Allysa are from a diff story, not the same story. You were comparing the two sets of characters. I'm tracking. :)

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Hi Shirl. I am a big fan of Sam and Alyssa. Sam is my baby! I was comparing Sara and Roche to Sam and Alyssa. I hope you enjoy the series.

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Shirl In (shirlindc) | 25 comments I see there are 19 books in the series. Are all the books about inter-racial couples? I purchased book 1.

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Shirl wrote: "I see there are 19 books in the series. Are all the books about inter-racial couples? I purchased book 1."

No, they aren't all interracial books.

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 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) | 7314 comments Mod
Thanks for posting about the show, Arch. I will look for it on Amazon Prime. I really like Sara on Death in Paradise.

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Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) wrote: "Thanks for posting about the show, Arch. I will look for it on Amazon Prime. I really like Sara on Death in Paradise."

Welcome Danielle. I not too long ago have gotten home from work. I am about to eat and then watch the first and last episode again. I might watch more. I really like this show. It was on my mind at work.

I wanted to state that Nora isn't innocent. She been flirting with Roche too. I can't wait to watch it again.

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