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message 1: by Yales (new)

Yales Smith (yalessmith) | 1 comments Hello everyone can someone recommend a good book for bullying as a educator I like to provide my students and colleagues with good books to read?

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What age group?
Little kids--Chrysanthemum

Older readers--Blubber

Cheryl has hopes her life will calm down soonish (cherylllr) | 6447 comments Mod
And of course it helps to understand the bullies' pov - Crash.

Are you looking for non-fiction, ie advice how to handle it in a classroom or school?

message 4: by Z.R. (new)

Z.R. Southcombe (zrsouthcombe) | 3 comments There's Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman for teens, if that age group suits. It looks at prejudice through racism, but helps the reader think about WHY we bully other people.

message 5: by Aimee (new)

Aimee | 54 comments You could try Wonder.

message 6: by K.S. (new)

K.S. Hubley | 2 comments Lenny Meets Bully Bailey is a good e-book read as well. The story is entertaining and at the end are questions for children and parents to discuss about bullying. There is a list of helpful resources listed at the end of the book.

Cheryl has hopes her life will calm down soonish (cherylllr) | 6447 comments Mod
Bumping to link with a similar request here:

For younger children consider Bully by Laura Vaccaro Seeger.

On a related theme, consider that much bullying occurs because of insecurity, which is often caused by a sort of "fear of others." To get kids to realize that "others" are actually just people, consider sharing books about diversity, including:

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Almira (volcano_lover) | 17 comments I recently read (and reviewed on GR) The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle, by Leslie Connor. Middle school age appropriate.

message 9: by QNPoohBear (new)

QNPoohBear | 1820 comments Middle grades level ages 9-12 the American Girl books almost always feature a mean girl drama plot, specifically, Chrissa and Chrissa Stands Strong (also a movie), Mia and Mia, McKenna and McKenna, Ready to Fly!, Gabriela 3-Book Box Set. There may be others I'm not remembering. Chrissa's stories were the first to deal with bullying and there's an award-winning non-fiction book that was created as part of her "girl of the year" collection. It's been reprinted many times Friends: Making Them & Keeping Them and also Stand Up For Yourself And Your Friends and A Smart Girls Guide to Friendship Troubles: Dealing With Fights, Being Left Out & the Whole Popularity Thing

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