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Night Creature (Werewolf Chronicles, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Fantasy: Book about a boy raised by wolves. [s]

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Eris | 4 comments Looking for a book I read back in the early/mid 2000's. I don't know a specific year unfortunately.

This will contain spoilers as I will type whatever I remember from this book:

It was about a teenage boy raised by wolves from childhood. He still remembered bits and pieces of when he was with humans. He made clothes and a bow for himself while living in the woods.

He was not accepted by all the wolves in his pack.

The boy ends up finding a pack of werewolves in the woods. He may have been one himself. They go after him because of that.

He is taken in by a human family. It was in a modern setting at the time I read the book.

It may have been the first part of a series as I think the book ended a little bit the boy was taken in. The story had not been resolved though.

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Mai | 1276 comments Night Creature by W.R. Philbrick? Book 1 of the Werewolf Chronicles. Paperback published in 1996.

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Eris | 4 comments Wow, that is the one! I really wasn't expecting anyone to find it!

Thank you so much!

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