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message 1: by ★Me Myshelf and I★ (last edited May 26, 2018 11:24PM) (new)

★Me Myshelf and I★ | 59 comments Hi everyone,
do you ever remember a really good book you read before and then cant find it when you go to look?
I'm using your knowledge of books to try and find one I've read before but cannot find anywhere now i am looking to read it again. I've checked all of my 704 in my library here and and went through every book Ive borrowed on KU and its really annoying me now, you guys have helped me before so I thought it was worth a shot.

its an epic fantasy setting from what i remember. Its starts off with a young girl who is taken to train as a knight/warrior ,who will be tied/bound to a demon when she is of age. (I think she may have powers herself and thus why she was taken to be trained)
they become tied to a demon to control them and use their power for their own gain. I'm saying demon but it could have been a daimon or something similar, the bond is not a physical one but lets then feel each other emotions. For example she is woken up early every morning because the demon wahes ina
freezing river every morning to "cleanse" himself of his evil. there is a lot of reference to "letting the leash out" which gives the demon more control-which they are not supposed to do. they are supposed to hate the demon and keep a tight control on his/her magic at all times. Of course she falls in love with her demon eventually after overcoming prejudice etc etc and she travels with a superior knight guy who is also kind of in a forbidden love with his demon also.

ring any bells for anyone? I really want to reread this and I keep confusing it with Paladin (Paladin, #1) by Sally Slater but I know its not that one.
my imagination is pretty good but even I couldn't make up this in as much detail as i remember. I've put a lot of effort into trying to find this in my own library's and now its annoying me even more!!

Please help I'll like all your stuff forevermore

message 2: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 2659 comments Mod
Well Gaby--I do recognize your description. Unfortunately I don't know what it is, as it was one of the 3 or 4 thousand books that I've tagged (or bought) in my TBR mountain range. But yes, I do remember this book series.

★Me Myshelf and I★ | 59 comments Just found another person who seems to be looking for the same book in another group but its unsolved too

At lest I can cross off my imagination off the list of possibilities!

I wouldn't go through your mountain range either but I might take a look through some of your bookshelves if that's cool !?

★Me Myshelf and I★ | 59 comments

She's remembered it better than me I had the beginning mixed up

message 5: by Crazybeing (new)

Crazybeing (radhikareads) | 29 comments Hey Gaby! Sorry but I haven't read the book you are describing.
I have been going through this too, can't remember a book I read for the past 5 months now, have checked everywhere, could you please go through my description once, maybe you'd know what book I'm talking about. I've posted it in the group folder as well. Thank you. 😄

message 6: by Crazybeing (new)

Crazybeing (radhikareads) | 29 comments It is in the "general" folder, thank you very much. 😄

★Me Myshelf and I★ | 59 comments I did see your post but only very slightly seemed familiar but i think it's only the tattoo part and that could be any number of ones!
Do you have it posted on any other groups? There is a couple of groups specificity for helping people find forgotten books? Look at my groups and try them too!?

It's so annoying I feel your pain

message 8: by Crazybeing (new)

Crazybeing (radhikareads) | 29 comments Oh, I didn't know there were groups especially for this. I'll try there, thank you so much. 😄
Yes, I know, it is soo frustrating. I tried ignoring it, I just couldn't.

★Me Myshelf and I★ | 59 comments

Well someone just found mine on another forum so worth it!!!

I'm sooo happy

message 10: by Crazybeing (new)

Crazybeing (radhikareads) | 29 comments Congratulations! That gif though, accurate. 😂

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