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The Golden Cord (The Iron Dragon, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Fantasy, read before 2014 and probably sooner A book about a young man who is good with a cross bow and travels with two dwarves. Does this book even exist or is it all my imagination??? [s]

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Thomas Cole | 2 comments THIS IS SOLVED, the book is The Golden Cord by Paul Genesse
I read this when I was in junior high, I probably got it from a library or something. I remember the basic start of the book but I might have some details wrong.

A boy who lives in a village where the rite of passage to manhood is to jump across this chasm to get to a special tree the grows these special cross bow bolts, I think they're called thunder bolts? He's done it before but he has a crippled friend who is depressed because he hates being a burden and tries to jump across the chasm to get to the tree but he falls and dies. Later a wyrm attacks the city but it is defeated. Two traveling dwarves collect some blood from the dead wyrm for proffesional reasons or something. I don't know if the main character has a girlfriend, wife or fiancee but sometime during this part she uses energy from a tree to heal somebody. That's how their magic works, they need to be in connection with the flow of life somehow.

The town needs to throw the wyrm into the chasm before sundown or the spirit of the wyrm will stay and haunt the town. They throw the wyrm into the chasm but it's really close to sundown. Most say that they made it on time but the main character isn't so sure, he has an uneasy feeling. Later that night the phantom attacks his house, somebody fights it spiritually, (maybe the dwarves?) and they win. Then the boy goes to a neighboring town because he has to go on some journey for some reason. In that town he goes to the bath house and a girl he knew when he was young is now grown and tries to start a lil bit of action in the bath house. The main character leaves but a jealous town person his age assumes that the girl got her way and fights the main character.

Later the guy on his journey teams up with the two dwarves from before and they have a different kind of healing magic. They have to reach into the river of time and pull the person out of the river from before they were injured. It's difficult and poses significant risk to the dwarf doing the healing. The younger dwarf tries this for the first time when the older dwarf is wounded severely and saves him, though it costs him many years off his life. The dwarves give the main character a special metal crossbow that shoots two bolts at a time.

Here is some more in depth writing that might spark some memories for somebody. (Remember, my memories are hazy, so the more specific I try to be, the more I might be adding in new things from a bad memory)

this one is from very early on in the book: The girl (The main characters love interest) is hurt (or it's someone else, I don't know) and she crawls towards a tree. For some reason she can't use her hands, either they're hurt or she needs them to tend to the person who is hurt. She kicks off her shoes and wraps her feet around a tree root and magic flows from the tree and heals a person. She is very tired from this.

This is from early on in the main character's journey: There is a something about a valley, either the main character knows from a prophecy from his SO that he should or shouldn't go into it. If it's that he shouldn't, he feels very tempted to do it, and possibly does. If it's that he should go into the valley, he really doesn't want to and goes around it. Either the valley, or the option he has is sinister. I think I remember a deer being killed by a plant.

This is somewhere in the middle of the story: The older dwarf is hurt badly, or possibly dead. The younger dwarf feels very close to the older dwarf and tries to save him. He meditates and enters the stream of time, trying to pull the older dwarf from a time before he was hurt into that moment. The young dwarf fails and seems to age fifty years. He is very tired but determined. He risks his life and attempts to enter the stream of time again, he succeeds this time but only partially. The older dwarfs most severe wounds are healed and the younger dwarf has aged visibly. The dwarves comment that humans could use that type of magic, but due to their young lifespans rarely do. In some ways this magic is better than the human magic because they don't need to take energy from plants (i.e. they can use it underground).

This is somewhere in the middle of the book: The cross bow that the dwarves give the main character doesn't use a string to shoot bolts, it uses a metal band. The cross bow has two barrels, and you load it by spinning a crank, vastly improving how many bolts can be fired. They also give him some enchanted bolts. The main character suddenly shoots a bird with one of the bolts, despite how rare the bolt is. The dwarves look surprised and he explains that he needed to be sure that the bolts would fly true before he would trust his life in battle with them. The dwarves accept his reasoning and are impressed with his shot. They recover the bolt and the bird and carry on.

I'm sorry that this is a random assortment of details from the story, but it's everything that I can remember. I don't know why they were on a journey or any of their names. Thank you for your help! The memories I have are so complete that I'm sure this must be an actual book but no one I've asked has read this book. If nobody here knows what this book is then I'll accept that the book is not real and I'll write it myself.

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6966 comments Mod
Thomas--you would not believe the number of people who wonder if "did I read it or make it up?". And yes, more than a few of us have threatened to write the book themselves. (Points finger at self for the threats.)

Just because you can't find what it's called right away is no reason to give up. I had one that I remembered from 40 years ago that I posted (with the threat) and it was finally ID'ed for me after only 6 years. This after I'd had librarians tell me that they didn't think it existed. But hey, even librarians can be wrong occasionally, right?

While I don't recognize your book, that doesn't mean anything. With the number of publishers out there now and the option of finding books online, there are a lot of books that I would love to read, if only I knew about them. (And this sounds like one of them.)

All this is just to support you in your quest for your forgotten title. (And when it's found, be sure to put it on your GR bookshelf.)

Oh, and remember to bump your thread up--every 30 days for the minimum amount of time between bumps.

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Bonnie | 263 comments I believe this is also your post. If you click on the "more comments," it'll take you to another responder who seems to know the answer. They say the first part is part of the first Xanth novel, "A Spell for Chameleon," by Piers Anthony.


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Kris | 36622 comments Mod
A Spell for Chameleon by Piers Anthony for suggestion via Bonnie

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Kris | 36622 comments Mod
The Golden Cord by Paul Genesse?

Quote from the book: "Ethan picked up speed. His friend flung himself forward, arching over the chasm. Drake sucked in his breath." | One Amazon reviewer says, "Drake saves two dwarves that traveled near Cliffton, by killing a wyvern that had been tracking them. The saving of the dwarves, (Bellor and Thor) starts Drake's journey."

Thomas Cole | 2 comments Kris wrote: "The Golden Cord by Paul Genesse?

Quote from the book: "Ethan picked up speed. His friend flung himself forward, arching over the chasm. Drake sucked in his breath."..."

This is the book!!!! Thank you!! You found it! I'm so amazed!
The Golden Cord by Paul Genesse!!! I thought I would never find it!

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Kris | 36622 comments Mod
Great! Glad we could help, Paul. I got lucky with a Google search.

Google.com > site:www.goodreads.com "young adult" fantasy "two dwarves"

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