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I'm Judging You: The Do-Better Manual
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Ellen | 2318 comments is a wildly popular culture blog written by Luvvie Ajayi. I had never heard of the blog or Luvvie but the book crossed my desk at work and it sounded interesting. It is most definitely interesting but I can't say that I loved all of it. She is a very passionate and earnest writer who has strong ideas and ideals. The fact that I don't agree with all of her viewpoints doesn't really matter; the fact that I felt that my beliefs are the wrong ones and I was being lectured to was a little hard to take sometimes. I do admire her activism and I believe that is her goal with this book. Basically if you do nothing to change what is wrong with the world, you are part of the problem. Some her essays are very witty: her take on social media behavior is worth the read. On the whole I enjoyed this book but not as much as I had hoped to.

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Joni | 625 comments Very interesting. I was wondering why you picked it when I seen it on hold for you. Oh the titles we select because we handle so many books in a day. :)

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